Scoppy commits Raciseam with prices to selected people on gravey boats

Now lets see this for out it is, they offer some community’s magna deal on 10 pulls meaning £50 and then othee community’s 40 pulls mening £240. This is no differdnce to offeeing white and black people differdnt rates. its a form of racism and should be recognized.

eveeyone has equal.rights its why micrisoft qns video games are sold equal when released.

to me this is unacceptable and i will presue this until its been recognised and we are giving the same offer and treated as a equal.

we are not living in 1800s.

I’m pretty sure some white and black people can get Magna for just 10 pulls but anyway, this is unfair


And Asians too.

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Is this. Like for the Lols?

Didn’t know there was server segregation…

To the Supreme Court we must go Matt221185 vs the board of Scoplycation.


Are you sure it is racism? Sounds to me more like scopes have earmarked some players as far more gullible than others. As far as i’m aware, prejudice against or for stupid people isn’t a proper thing.

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TOS is pretty clear all N.A cases need to be settled through an arbitrator. Just cross your fingers theyre not prestige 13

Its economics!

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Okay so basically

I’m monky


Is it unfair? YES! Racism tho??? Come on now! This thread is exactly why some should just play candy crush.


Nope, it’s pure racism. This is problematic, hun.


What about us rednecks? We demand equality!


I want that shirt

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Remember 13 Pulls for 36£ :smirk:?


Are u kidding me with this!? We have to hear about racism pretty much in every part of our lives. Let’s not bring it to a game. Let us enjoy one thing!

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Woah @SRzeke6star, that’s a little racist and problematic, hun. We need to discuss this issue in every, single, part of our lives. Let’s get rid of fun and comedy, I think every conversation should be about da whitey and how they oppress others. Now excuse me Drumpf supporter, I got a soy latte to drink :smirk::+1:

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this is a satirical post right ? This sounds like propaganda from the root, MTV Decoded, or TYT. Everyone has equal chances to be screwed over in the same so don’t worry

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just ask Tspring they will do it for you :smiley: all you need to do is make in to a vector and sent it

im Mexican and even i get that offer no matter how much Trump hates me

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…Wtf are you talking about?

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Wow political post to a public forum… sad