Scoply...You ruin war without towers


Whow da fuk i can beat this team without any tower huh?(im f2p)I have ony 1/2 free 6s so i cant beat teams like that.

I love this game but this game is going to be The walking dead :road to Pay to win.Plese make 6
Andrea and LEGANCY LIST in 1 month.You can do it scoply,you can do you but u wont.if you relese 10 premium characters betwen legancy in 1 month u can relese all legancy list in one month too.Plese lisen me @JB.Scopely



A team with Shieldchonne and Abs Def can beat that team if Abs Def profs 100% of the time :stuck_out_tongue:


Not easy but not exactly impossible. Im completely ftp and ive beaten many a team like that and harder without towers such as in friendly raid and war etc. Wouldnt exactly say your team is the right team for that job tbh. Mira, ty, gator, shiva and sid is who I use. No point complaining tbh. Spenders kinda deserve to be stronger bc yknow, they spent real life money… Just work on your team instead of campaigning for unnecessary nerfs
Not trying to be the guy saying get gud but you need to put a lot of work in to be able to beat those kinds of teams. As it should be with ftp vs paying players. not impossible but not easy


Going in with a sucky leader like Carl is probably your first mistake.

Swap him out for a Miraboobs. With two Erika, you gotta get Ty killing everyone so need him buffed as much as possible, hence the 40% attack from her.

Consider a buffer - I still use SR Zeke but Lori works well with the neutralise


Wait, you’re saying it already doesn’t proc 100% of the time? Lol


And there people is your reason to use a Mirabelle and tyresse combo.


Scopely fucked the war up with the towers in the first part, people started complaining and all of a sudden in crw part 2 the towers are down, it’s hard to believe these guys made it until 3 years when they still can’t even run their own game.


start by bringing the right toons.


Considering they have the right toons to bring.


same as others have said, that is not the best approach for an attack team. maybe it’s all you got, so not judging the setup. But i have beat this and similar teams with green Abe lead, Zeke, Shiva, Rick and Glenn for his command. I wish i had ty or any decap, would make it much easier, but it is possible. Just need to stun, confuse you way around erika. And Rick’s focus is useful to get though magna shields too. Good luck


I am also ftp and need 6-10 rounds for such a Team. I personally find Carl Teams more annoying these days. For yumi, i was third in a lvl up recently.

First round kill michonne, second att magna and use eze activ skill, third, everyone is ready to rush


And 4th Erika revives other Erika and revives Magna and it’s over lol


Go in with a less than capable attack team, come away with a less than desirable result. I understand that may be your best option, but you will never be the best for free.

Also, quit tagging the CM in your personal complaints and shortcomings. Real life currency is the equalizer. Either use it or accept the reality of your ability.

Hate me if you want, the truth isn’t meant to please everyone.


First off, war without towers is much better than with them. I don’t play in PC and no one in my faction uses an emulator. People who use blue stacks via PC are able to get towers much faster at the start, an Ethernet connection will beat mobile or WiFi always. You must want to get pummeled by the regions top players on PCs with 80% attack boost.

Secondly, I use F2P team. Maybe don’t take a green team with no decaps against a red revive next time. G I T G U D!


Wait till u try blue Carl magna and three, yes three fcking white shivas. That team won’t make a dent lmao. Round one you’ll already have 2k bleed on a toon. And round 3 they pop and you have 2 million bleed per toon. G I T G U D


Yeah, not scared of a shiva behind a Carl lead. Not scared of three, since his lead skill doesn’t effect it. If you spent as much time learning how dynamics of the game worked instead of complaining you wouldn’t be either.


Hey buddy go look at Carl’s card again. And when did I say a shiva lmao, the specialist stacks so damage increases exponentially. Three white shivas and A shiva are completely different. Learn the game mechanics next time


Doesn’t effect defense or hp, pal. Therefore easy to kill.


There’s something called mods… and ur team have zero greens, no way u can hit through. And the whole point of his lead is to rush way before u do and kill u


You’re full of shit bc lacerate can only take place once per turn. Impair, stun, confuse = no rush.