Scoply why are you doing this!


Many things has changed since the first time we saw a 6* coming in to the game ,not in a good way but in a very bad way ,

Rewards aren’t that good anymore , I mean what’s the purpose of putting a 5* as a war rewards if no one gonna use it , I am being honest here …

Even if you had an ascend able character the process of getting him to his legendary status will take weeks ,then you need months to get him max out ,

Seriously scoply , please release more and more and more 6* cause the game is becoming boring ,and please make those 6* for everyone not just those who spent thousands of dollars ,

I know you’re doing it for money , and I can’t say don’t,cause money paid your pills and that is your right, but if you keep this way soon no one will buy your coins ,

Some peoples in my faction buy the war sell coins each time,but some of them already left the faction cause they don’t want to spend 100$ ,to repair camps to get Bruce in the end .

Plz don’t block me, I already said I am trying to be honest even if that may heart your feeling a little bit but I think we have no choice to make see the things right .

Hope you all the best