Scopleys customer service gets a huge -100


Wondering if scopley works on the weekend…
I have been waiting after the update to re-transfer my account back on my device.
Sent multiple messages in game/ emails and nothing… Friday-9-14-18 it is now Sunday 9-16-18 and nothing​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I have been screwd out of war rewards I’m in top faction the start of leagues and raiding for birthday cakes… super upsetting feeling helpless to say the least


Took me 6 days to get a response (from a real person) and resolution regarding the transfer of my cake reward tokens! :pensive: Support has really been slacking.


Never have I waited over a few hours for a reply from scopley and now over 48 hours is crazy… I mean I’m now screwed out of milestones from war/ tokens for 3 year anniversary pull as I am in #1 faction so you could imagine my frustration… also way behind now in legues


Hope support doesn’t take 6 days to answer back with me. I’m in need of getting my account back since I didn’t linked it to Facebook.


Same here bro how long have you been waiting?


Who wants to bet it’s like 2-3 people max having to sort through hundreds of tickets every single day and 80% of them are probably nonsense so to find the ones with actual problems and fix them must take forever.

The 400 canned auto responses need to stop though. I would rather have to wait and get a real solution than wade through that crap.


Well with the money some of us spend this is unacceptable bro… I have been screwed out of rewards and a bunch of stuff I won’t get back


Been there. It sucks and at least from my experience dealing with them they won’t make it right either.


That is what I’m afraid of man… :frowning:


Well does anyone know if they work on the weekends?


They do and you are not the only person with a ticket submitted. Be patient.


But 48+ hours??? Never have I waited that long usually it’s answered in a few hours…


Count yourself lucky. I’ve had them take as much as a week.


Damn that’s insane… wtf


They just reached out to me an hour ago. Only took one day, but I was afraid it would take longer. Got my Monthly pass over there not being used.


I keep checking mine with no avail so frustrating…


You go google and will see how fascinating

Scopely are famous

For how much they sux


Yea I see now this sucks bad…


Just taken me 4 days to get a reply


So I got a reply yesterday, but I bet it’ll be another day or longer to get another reply…