Scopley your really f#### on yhis , here's your way out

We all knew shat I mean .
So simple solutions to this problem
Update the f#### 5* wheel. Put Mia on it
Give players who didn’t exploit the gate enough for 40 pull on next promo (coins given should be only available for a lkmited time beforetaking away if not used )
Make wangfa f2p through a map of 2 to 3 months to lvl him up to his max status .
First Map should be opened through a key send to players inbox (only those who doesn’t exploit the gate) .and each map give another key to the next road map .
Simple plan to solve the problem.
This could save a lot of trouble for you scopley.
Thank you .
And have a nice day scopley .


Lol no chance


Don’t you wanna a beef and a martini too ?


Why you still acting like the Halloween Gate was players fault? Why you simply don’t admit you are mad only because you don’t got anything?


Yes , I am not acting. I am mad cause I get nothing. If I had something you will not see this post . I am honest at 100% and I am not hiding anything here man.
Even if I get something and someone who doesn’t want to get something too . I will understand that man

Free toons don’t solve problem. Basically your whole argument is: give us a free premium character

For Mia she’s somehow not what she used to be , and the S class I said 3 months man 3 months . So I think it’s a normal thing to ask for no ?

It’s not the players fault. It was scopelys fault. To be honest, scopely already gave their statement. No compensation will be given.


THE BIG PROBLEM is player still spending their money for this game, then scopely keep releasing the s class toons until now.

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I know players that did ok from this, but there coins not spent have now been removed🤗

What kind of beef would you recommend to accompany my martini?

Like the sound of it… beats special brew and a 99p McD cheeseburger

Sorry but the players didn’t Exploit anything! This isn’t like SC Andrea or the other event that ppl got thousands of coins from hopping in and out of faction’s.

It was stated since day one of the event that tokens would be converted into coins rather than supply points.
In typical fashion this is their screw up no one else’s. It’s not the players fault that they weren’t smart enough to code in the correct conversion rate. You’re directing your anger in the wrong place!

I feel I have to state that I didn’t benefit from this latest screw up, just like I was never lucky enough to benefit from any of Countless suck p’s screw ups.

Those players who benefited should not have been punished for something they had no control over. What should have been done was that the rest of the community should have been compensated to even things out.

If this happened in any other game that’s what would have happened, the rest of us would have been given a few thousand coins to make up for it. But these POS don’t give two shites about you or anyone else’s gaming experience all they care about is milking us for every dime they can!


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