Scopley you are the best


I just wanted to let you guys know what a great job you are doing, rts is a great game ran by a fantastic customer focussed exciting and fresh company with so many great ideas. Please keep up the great work.


here we go again…


I agree, this is the best mobile game they made, it’s just some of the content they release is horrific. All we want is more story missions and epic content and rewards. I’m glad I found this game because it connected me to so many people, and it’s gonna hurt really bad knowing I might be quitting really soon in the future. Leaving your faction mates is like going to the Military and saying goodbye to your family for the last time. God that will be a dreadful day. Been with them for two years now. Smh. :disappointed:


Please no: Knee-jerk contradictions. 3 threads that you created contradict this new thread. It is blatant sarcasm and you are not sincere. I for one do think that Scopely does have a great company and some great games, because I play more than just this game by Scopely. At times they may not do things that will make all of their customers happy, but they sure do try their hardest and put up with a lot of negative feedback. :clap:



I rest my case


They need to take a page from Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius and look at the forums there. Instead of people whining, most people talk strategy. It’s pretty nice.


Please no knee jerk responses. It seems you are stalking him at this point


Do they pay you to say that? OMG How nice of you being so calm and understanding during the time of crisis!


A lot of the negative feedback is warranted. Because of that feedback they kept Carl and Shiva in 5* wheel which makes many happy. Often people just want the game to be better and even though it’s not always communicated properly that’s all people want. The letter from the GM months back should let you know that there are issues that need to be addressed, they miss the mark a lot on what we want and haven’t lived up to those promises, until they get better the negative feedback will continue but it’s become better and more focused thanks to efforts of Kali and team. They still have a ways to go but progress is being made in some regards.


It is a good game ruined by its creator ,way of thinking


you joined expecting to see a happy community? there isn’t anybody I’ve spoken to lately that has been pleased with even a single thing scopely has done lately. i dont understand why ribcage can love them so much. they are awful developers and they should feel awful. they took a good game, shat on thier players and then wonder why regions are dying are new players aren’t getting engaged. everyone loves the game but hates scopely. anybody who supports and defends them at this point is a fucking moron


and dont bullshit me with the tldr (too long didnt read) bullshit because anyone that sees this post knows damn well they read it all!


I created this post to make a point. Look how the post started, then look what you turned it into, again.


That’s a robot (period).


Which part of my thread was bashing scopley? You assumed I was bashing scopley so yet again hijacked the thread and turned it into a “ oh no no body likes me everybody’s hanging up on me “ thread


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this post was made in retaliation to them closing your thread calling for action to ban me and the other reasons you hold a grudge against staff that work on this forum


nice i am glad to see you agree with me for once. your business failed and you had to retire and that whole time did you always think i have to make the customer happy or me making my money is all that matters and fuck the customer? you know goddamn well this game is a gamble, and my analogy is a good analogy casino>scopely, same shit, you knew what you was walking into before you gambled all your money away on this game and now you want to be all pissy about it too and hold hard feelings towards them because you are another sucker just like everyone else that complains on this forum. except for those leechers that just want more free shit and wont spend a dime on the game.