Scopley why you gotta play us like this

Well I just logged on to look at the daily offer and seen this


Was 80p yesterday… lol

I get the 99 cent ones when they are there I mean a dollar something with tax since they have included tax in the offers now cause I remeber buying offers for say 7.99 amd that’s all I was charged now you get the same offer theres tax included

Thats the cheap one they have put the price up

apperently our time money souls and sanity is not longer enough they want more

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5 bucks for a failed craft? Barrrrgaain

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Not a regular customer, but folks in my faction say that they cycle the offers through every 3 days or so. One expensive, one cheaper and then the 99 cents one (1.09€ for me)

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I’ve only seen the 99 cent ones so far. But other folks tell me they cycle prices. Not that I am planning on buying any rn, cos these blowtorches are cursed amd Eral hates me

I’ve probably done 50 crafts now trying to get impair on a blue rifle. Based on my luck so far 100 blowtorches wouldn’t make any difference


Seeing posts like this helps me not reinstall the game. The temptation is quite low at the moment. :sunglasses:


Usually the first purchase is cheap - entice you to spend.

Purchase #2 is usually 3x as much.

Purchase #3 is roughly 5x as much as #2019

By Purchase #10, you’ve mortgaged your home, sold off your spouse, amputated your left leg…and it still ain’t enough to cover the cost!

That was one of the best offers we had in the game. Greedy ### had to jack up the price 5 times even on that. No way am buying this anymore.

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I’m glad you let us know. I was wondering where you were today.

Why using blowtorches at all on an ordinary day?
I save all BTs for territory event, where I have convinced all fac mates to hit the crit chance bases (Shipwreck or the other one - hunter’s base?), so you can get 72.5% chance instead of just 65%. Then - and only then - I blow all of my blowtorches on the rare crafts I am aiming for. Spend the ordinary days with preppinng the weapons for a finishing 3rd craft - sure, if the craft fails then (and it will fail, more often than not) I have to reset and get my rare skill and follow with potentially imperfect top ups, but prepping with two perfect crafts is just 24h and not resource hungry…

Save your money… Blowtorches and armory tokens are in today’s Faction raid rewards

I just got 2 blowtorches free from the battle pass.

I think you mean “free”

Well it cost me nothing so I would call it free.

Put up and offer to help players then greed got in the way…


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