Scopley we want S class as war rewards , not some useless 6*

Do you really think players will fight for Alice and Raven after you release Mercer and Princess?
Realky , scopley
We need collectables of S class toons or theirs ascendable 5* . Not sone ****

Let me point to something for players to understand your true nature.

Why we didn’t have a single lvl up with Raulito as a reward for it . Even though Raulito was one of the first 3 S class

The answer is simple . Cause Raulito may be useful.
So they jump over him and start giving Hengyn collectables instead

Now that scopley release Mercer expect to see useless Raulito collectables in tournaments very soon . Scopley will be very happy to give you :poop: for all the money you spent to buy gears .

This is really ##### .
Do you want to play this game for the rest of your life and be a slave .?
Well good luck .
If you want to change something or have an idea how . Please share it


Wait, what?!?! So you consider Hengyen useless, in a meta that’s filled with Pryias and Petes?! Need I remind you that Hengyen has trait advantage over Pryia and can basically stun her for 3 turns?! Or that Pete’s AR gets rendered useless by Hengyen’s crosshairs?!


Choice boxes with sclass collectibles for all the major event rewards

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Yeah yeah hengyen is magnificent and you love him. But OP has a point… why did they skip over Raulito collections on the level ups?

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They obviously have sclass that they want as f2p. And keep the others off limts.


Raulito’s collectibles are in the choice boxes, and in weekly missions, so he’s F2P.

They obviously do want some of them more available than others. Good choice IMO, playing against Raulito is a miserable experience.

Did I say that , where ?
You just can’t think straight don’t you.
I didn’t said Hengyen is bad , actually he’s very good. But why jump Raulito.
And as I said before Next lvl up rewards are Raulito collectibles. As I expected.
Just after he became useless

A few hundred collectibles does make me want to war, I’ll just smash a lu in 10 mins job done

Raven is still very useful on an attack team with a rampage priya to stop the enemies from gaining AP when she crits

Passed to the team :joy::joy:

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Share an idea? Hahaha, No Thanks. Done that many times before, never mattered to Scop

There are rumours that the wastepaper baskets in “The Team’s” offices in Scopely HQ all have “Suggestion Box” written on them.

Dale, and raven are good.

They are still very useful as support characters, Dale with command and def down is one I’m hoping to get.

Dale and Alice are great, alpha and raven not so much, alpha sucks and raven is only good on attack now

Can you please explain to me what crosshairs does? Is there a guide somewhere that I can use to catch up on months of new shit added in?

yeah sucks they put alpha in there because it’s just so discouraging when you war all weekend and end up pulling fodder. i also wish they would fix the war wheel and turn it into a war stash like they’ve done in the past.

so go to survival road and look at the bottom left next to recover team. there’s a little box with all the traits click it and it should tell you what all the new stuff is along with the old stuff

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Crosshairs basically means that, providing it is active on an enemy toon when they are killed, that toon will be decaputated regardless of whether the killer had decaputate. Also works if the toon dies from damage over time like bleed or burn.

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Raven is the most useful right now to help with ap gain from rampage