Scopley , we need a solution to Dr.stevens and raven teams

We all how much you were desperate for money when you release those toons . Like you always do
But I think the time to put an end to these two has come.
How ?
1- an event that gives one of these two.
2- a new S class that deal 500+ exhausted damage to all enemies at the beginning of each turns .


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Or you can get good because scopely isn’t gonna give their top 6* toons away for free.


S-Class Priyas daze is a good counter to these Dr.Stevens/Raven teams.

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1.hmm No
2.and fuk no


They gave you a free green s class that when maxed will most likely 1 shot Stevens or raven. problem solved

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Indeed. James is green so has trait advantage before you start. This post is out-dated.

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If you had picked him I have others haven’t

If you were.worried about teams containing specifically those 2, you would always pick James lol

There’s so many toons around, even use yellow beta or something. You need control toons

Cole is good at that with turn 1 taunt


Or you learn how to play and actually use stun, taunt, confuse and impair. A lot of free chars have the ability to make them completely useless.

he is right these two toons are too OP and show how desprite scopley was gor money

plenty of Solutions, you have to pay to unlock the better ones though and actually get creative for the former

Stop…Just stop

If your bucket is lucky enough to have Diego, use him as lead with Cole and a command. First turn taunt Raven with Cole. He should disarm and then attack her with your whole team. Then hit Doc with Diego and command him back and use his ar. Now you have 2 turns to take out the rest of them. Boom, problem solved

5* Priya + Charlie

Yes let me just spend $500 to get a new toon to “get good”.

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Pryia is f2p even at base 6 star and stops both doc and raven. Use her 1st round daze doc, disarm raven farm her for ar ggs.

Laopo works well against him as he’ll just outright kill Stevens or the two he grants AP too before they even get a turn thanks to his active

They are annoying but so is zachary, any positive affects you bring to these or any other toons are wiped out instantly from his rush, 1000 maim and ap off everyone

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut when you as a player have that specific toon you never seem to bat an eyelid back

they are redundant though, im just glad they never went ahead with Beta “AMBUSH” in the raids otherwise we would see our teams never even get a player controlled touch lol

Seriously though, there are ways

Stun Swords (Green)
Taunt by Charlie (1st wave)
Taunt by Cole (1st wave)

just a few ways to stop or cancel it out