Scopley we are getting sick of this routine

As the title says
The game is soooooooooo boring now scopley.
The main problem is tournaments schedule
Please no more 3 days lvl up .
This is f**** insane

Can we have AOW , blitz war , Faction onslaught , hordes , limited time territories…

See you already have some solutions

I know some peoples would say no thanks for FO , or hordes

Well you don’t have to play if you don’t like them
Actually FO , and hordes are awesome from my point of view

  • scopley you did invest all of time developing those game modes
    Please bring them back ,

And let me say congregation on your newest event “Arena” , it’s fun especially the old school mode


It’s not that they need to stop the level ups, those should always be running. But they need to always have something else running as well. Level up should just be a constant. I agree that 3 days long is a bit much though. 2 days is much better i think.

Imo, it would be good to only have maybe 2 or 3 hours from the end of one, until the start of the next. But it should never be considered as the main thing going on, at any time, especially on the weekends.

Don’t give us something instead of level up, give us something in addition to it


I miss those days when nothing was running for a day or two. Missing a couple days didnt have as much an impact as the current state of the game.


1 day Faction Onslaught and Blitz AOW were good in-between events, plus they added variety to the usual cycle of of SR, levelup and raids.
Hoping that they return

I like three-day level ups. Gives me a chance of a YGL popping because it usually arrives once every 10 days or so. Also gives me the opportunity to do something else for three days. War, however, should last for 90 minutes max, and preferably whilst I’m asleep.


especially when the wheel is this bad :laughing:


Yeah .lol

Nothing wrong with 3 day level ups. I don’t want 24 hours to try and rush for my milestones

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I’d like more events too, but not war ones during summer (The current war every other weekend is good) and no territory ones they aren’t stable enough to be an event right now. Onslaught and hordes would be great tho

Lvl Ups should always or more often than not be the background event, running for 2 days while the more active event like Raids, SR, Hordes, Blitz and Onslaught can happen in the front. Resources collected from raids and hordes can be used in lvl ups simultaneously, that was always fun to do. Weekends where only level ups occur, i don’t think many people will be excited by it.


Agreed. I hit MS in Level Up asap then just don’t really log on till its over. Plus with the lack of anything else going up I have literally nothing to level and no gear to level with


90% of the time, I agree level ups should be background. Although I’m not against a couple days, mid-week, where it’s the only event for a little breather. Not every week though. Variation is important. I just go with the flow lol

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