Scopley wants you to pay for the last few items to get Rick

We have 24 more days till event ends and there will be 4 more items to get in the end. I just realised it so prepare your wallets and purchase your power tokens. Tbh I might be wrong but I just hope we don’t have to pay to get Rick. He’s pretty awesome toon to collect.

Hello @EndureAndSurvive9,

Thank you for your feedback and warning to other players. We can not say for sure how this event will end for players. As always work hard and you may have a chance to collect special characters from events.

I wish I could provide more in depth information however we have been unsuccessful in recent events matching the end times to the collection timing.

I hope this makes you feel better about your dilemma and concerns.

Keep on surviving,

Satire only for personal entertainment. Not Scopely IUGO or Skybound affiliated.


Okay, thank you sir.

Question. Did you seriously not see this coming? The only thing I’m angry about is if it’s only five in stock and nothing more, that gets you 1-5 pulls. So I guess I didn’t see that coming.

It’s set so that if you hit all milestones and roadmaps even at the lowest rankings weekly on the boards you will get 32 pulls.




Ive done 4 pulls the stash, should i keep going?

Um yeah? I guess but if you want gear than go for that. It’s up to you to decide what you want to spend your tokens on. I’m going for Rick since he’s going to be limited and you’ll have to spend to try to get him soon after the events over.

If I were to be going for rick I would save all my tokens until I knew I had enough to get him, if they screw us out of him at the end at least you could still just claim the gear

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well after looking at war rewards this might end up being true lol


Yup it’s the best for bussiness. :worried:

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1 week down and three to go. I’m all for hating scopely but we are 1/4 the way and we need to put our pitch forks down. Flash roadmap exist

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Hating? We’re not hating. Just discussing.

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You will have plenty of chances. Milestone prizes, The leader board where you get atleast 300. So you should have enough chances to get Rick if you go for him. Now the the other stash you will most likely have to buy if you choose to go that route

I would love a farmeable roadmap for badges/tokens but i think It wont happen

I guess I better get started on those tapjoy offers…gonna need the gold for “bags” later on smh…

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I do the same thing