Scopley trolling with Romanov

While Scopley pumping out one broken premier after an other they give us 500% dmg to one and 2 turn impair to one acendable with trash weapon… Legit worse than gen 1 acendables. Even with 1000% Dmg and burn 300 all for 3 turns he would barely help against current meta… Oh well I wonder how many will quit, stop spending or turn to VK while Scopley talks out of thier ass with promises but does everything worse every week. All recent F2P toons utter trash, all normal events rewards utter trash especially crw, crashes, bugs and so on. Really feels like Indie 5 man company and not 1 Billion buisness.


Decapitation is norm.


I dunno, most indie games I play are actually fun well made games.


no matter what they will do there will always be just complaining


they could make a gen2 attacking character, that would have been a good start.


An other thing rush called Bewildering Fire but does no burn damage. Scammley probably made this rush in 3 min.


no need for a insult and you know i am right here

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No reason to quit a game over n stomp your feet but yeah if this is the toon and ar on point it should of had burn. You’ll never get what someone spend huge or more on unless it’s a prize of some type. Otherwise stats are about right active ok don’t know about weapon. Rush just doesn’t make sense with the toon.

Here you go

He’s a nice toon against Eric teams. The -35 defense is actually pretty nice. Use him first before starting the complaining. He’s a solid decapper. If you guys aren’t gonna be happy with him, don’t expect Maggie and Hershel to help.


If he is so nice and solid would you find a place for him in your main attack team? I mean, a solid decapper, right?


I’m not f2p. But if I was absolutely… I would fit him on my Michelle team against eric leads. Is he a cure all? No. But he has a place.

Problem is they pump out legacies so slow. If they busted out another legacy in two weeks that fit another need it would be fine. But everyone is just looking for a monster because they get released so slowly.


So… Romanov is for f2p fighting against f2p. How is he closing a gap? He is not. Scopely just tossed away everything #pu is about. There is nothing solid about it.


Well, there’s plenty of f2p that still struggle against eric teams. But again, he does fit a need. Most don’t have a red decapper. They just need to keep giving out more that fill needs. Not every toon is meant to be a monster. Tye is a perfect example. He’s useless against 95 percent of the team. Just good against one type.

The gap will never be closed because of something called coining anyway.

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i am actually surprised at your ignorance and denial here :roll_eyes:
You very well know that you are wrong here!


Oh the irony. I have some good premium toons too but I ain’t going to bs like you about that f2p toons like this are any good or fill any role in current meta.


So you don’t think he helps against wayland? Giving him -35 defense and 1200 burn? And final hit decap?

He shoulda been 700%.

500% is fairly low for single target.

Like the single target (due to payback risk).


Not great. Not terrible.

Very meh

For example a so so premier

Romanov will hit harder, but his add on impair is terrible. If you kill it should go on to the next target.


No. Because Romanov will be burned by Wayland much faster. By turn 3 he may be already dead. Stop this already, please.


Everyone is looking for a monster because we are sick and tired of the ever expanding gap between PTW and FTP. Don’t get me wrong I think PTW should win but at least throw FTP a bone every once in a while. It’s pretty disheartening to just flee a war because a PTW has these new toons. What’s the point in playing if all your going to do is flee?