Scopley there are other rewards you can give right?

I just want to say the rewards system is awful at this time .
All we get is chocolate cakes for a long time ?
And not only in lvl up but almost in every tournament

So scopley if you don’t want to give collectable items for other S class , why not giving something different in each type of tournaments.

Let’s say we keep lvl up for collectable S class .

Raid for trainers , let say top1 win 10 bags of trainers
Each bag have 10 rear , ultra rear , epic , legendary trainers with 25% chance to everything.

Sr for gears same top 1 rewards 10 epic gears choice box , and 10 legendary gears choice box

War rewards are somehow better, but not for along time since 6* are completely useless now . Unless you put some S class toons for heads in a wheel no one will be exited for wsr soon


150k milestone for war… theres no reason why it only has 1 reward there. Put some benny bags there. Mod bag. Something!


The reason is we have asked for better rewards so we get the opposite

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I think it’s a test of patience… and we’re failing at it. An by failing, I mean we’re waaaaaaaaaaaaay too patient. We get fed bread crumbs from time to time, giving us the false impression we could keep hopes of improvement alive, but that’s just it! The bread crumbs are supposed to keep us in the game, with that hope. Were a similar move to #PU emerge and rally almost every player again, we would get some more promises, some small changes, and then back to the regular schedule. At this point, I play the game for the awesome community, more than for the game itself. And that’s the saddest part.

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Finally getting some more velvet cakes to wipe my ass with tho.

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