Scopley support?


Scopley at it’s finest again. Contacted via in game and email direct. It has been 3 days since the last reply. Good going scopley to a veteran.


Sorry about the additional delay involved with going through your request.

We have slightly higher waiting times right now as the support team manually handles shifting around the anniversary rewards to appropriate regions.

Also, the various region transfer queries require additional steps to solve.

We’re actively working towards resolving those and meeting back our 24 hours response time.

Thanks for bearing with us :wink:


Cough cough…Unless its a matter in which you wanna ignore pretty much the entire forum part of the playerbase then those responses seemingly can F off or are those pushed back to like 24 days??

Rather hope its misinformation thats going around cause if you have the time to laugh make jokes and name call the part of the player base thats looking for answers on some bullshit that your colleagues and company made a mistake with…

Wouldnt exactly be the greatest look to say the least.

I myself would watch things like that peoples jobs are getting torched for far less these days when it comes to the internet and social media…


Yeah well my situation is unreal … how can web support recover my account on Thursday night and then Saturday morning in game reverted back to the level one account and send a message saying they have recovered my account ? I spent a lot of money with this company ( after contacting Google play for a total spent on TWD … more than most luxury cars) … it is now Tuesday night and no response … I need 30 more candles to reach the 8k milestone … and it ends in less than a day SMH …


The support through the website never responded to this and its been 34 days.


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