Scopley struggling to design new toons ARs?

Just wondering if you feel like I do…that Scopley maybe struggling to make truly different toons.
I’m talking AR’s and Special Abilities.

Back in the 5* era characters were a lot simpler. Especially in the 1st 2 years.
I remember when FA had not long been released…making teams and having them be balanced…would be fun and say for yellows a healer that would also buff attack would be rare for me to find.
Only had Molly at the time…Later Kate and Oberson.

Now it feels like everyone toon is just a updated version of a previous older toon of the same trait or a copy of the latest promo for a different trait.
Seems like there really struggling to give these characters identity…

How can Scopley move on from this?
Have the managed to push themselves into a corner with no way out?


There have been what maybe 4 animations total? I find the AR animations to be pointless as is. Like we all don’t know what they are anyway.

It’s like when playing the souls games and the game tells you when you died.

“I know I flippn’ died game. I just watched it happen and I don’t need you to remind me everytime GD!!!”

I agree. If you look at most new promo’s, they’re mostly double attack toons. How many ‘deal 2 attacks’ toons are they?

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This is definitely the case, especially with legacy toons! They’re not even changing them anymore all they’re doing is copy & pasting the original AR and increasing the AP. A half assed lazy thing to do imo. Prime example the polished turd that is Legacy Carley. I’m beyond disappointed! I was waiting FOREVER for the F2P healer I need bc there aren’t any Fast F2P healers and that’s what we got? Not even wasting the tokens and bennys on her, she’s just not worth it at all.

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Yeah it seems it’s not only the character visual designs that are lacking but the ARs and in some cases active skills.
Really cornered themselves in again with the aggressive power rise to gain quick £$¥€

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