Scopley stop feeding me same teams when i raid


Im trash stop giving me the same people i can’t beat or s#it will hit the fan and fly into someone’s mouth


I hate it when I hit next search and it pops up with the same person I just lost to. Sometimes I go so fast raiding it’ll happen multiple times in a row.


What are you going to do?


Throw my s#it at a fan


Really dude, i know there is people in this world that pay top money to see people throw sh*t in a fan. But you have as much chance of getting $copely to fix that as i have as much chance of fixing the US national debt. It aint gonna happen. But i do thank you for the laugh.


Thanks for the report - I’ll give heads up about this to see if something can be done down the line.

I’m experiencing the same on my play session and hear from a few other players also.

It might be tied in with the introduction of Leagues, or a low population region, eventually - We’ll investigate.


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