Scopley selling Dr.stevens I smell something

Be prepared for the first S class exhausted leader next week or in 14 days.
Probably your money better be on your wallet guys .
I’ve been asking for that leader for a while now. Probably it’s dr.stevens last grape of $$$$$$$
Probably a 6* that gave 400 exhausted to all enemies. And an S class of 600 .
Good luck guys.


Exactly this

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Dr.stevens will be like cancer in your team hahahaha
Even if you gave him exhausted mod resist he will kill other teammates.


runs to VK

He doesn’t kill anything. Just such a charismatic guy the other toons all stop and stare at him for no good reason while he pep talks his own team. What a guy.


Laopo turn 1 exchast active skill. Already one out


she put a hurt to Doc with extra bleed. He usually died


I thought this when they put him up but these people will spend for him them complain when that toon that stops him comes out amd spend for that toon amd then in 2 weeks that toon will get a counter, its kinda funny but also sad to watch

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They already did exactly the same thing selling Zach and release maim recover toons or new maim resist lead with Lance.

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Not sad for Scopely revenue lol. I was just wondering how much they already earn in few days with this new move making Stevens very accessible for big spenders.

They are slaves, they couldnt not spend if they wanted to, no will power and to them, they have to give scopely money to get an edge in a mobile app that no one but us players gives a shit about, as i said, funny but sad.

This isnt new either, they do this alot, when a toon comes out like that and stevens is a damn amazing toon but when it comes out like this, a strong counter to that toon is around the corner.

Maybe on defense but we already have laopo, but offense he will be hard to counter for a while. Possible there will be exhaust lead but that will be easily countered as you see lead in war and raids.

nah we need bleed res lead

I have bothe Elena and Dr.Stevens. yes she powerful like hell against dr.stevens and Raven . Both of them are dead t1 when I used to bring her on my attaque team . But now Priya do much more than stopping dr.stevens and other t1 active skill toons . I’ve stopped using her in my attaque team a long time ago .
Actually I think she’s better in a defense team . She still good on attaque but she’s somehow slow for me now . I have a 2 turns team right now and I’m happy with it

It’s about what you need . It’s about what the game need . And the game really really need exhausted lead right now to stop dr.stevens attaque team

Yeah Moira and laopo do a lot of damage to him

No they don’t att all . I am not talking about when you attaque a dr.stevens defense. I am talking about when you begin attaqued with dr.stevens attaque team. Your laopo will be useless cause she’s never gonna use her active skill before dr.stevens rush

Good job I have moira in my defence team aswell then

She will be dead in no time against dr.stevens, probably in the first turn . Want a video ?

Depend on what you stack on her mine has 4,000 def without the leader buff just with a weapon and mods