I been playing this game for over a year and put alot of hours into this game.
Although I like the universal fact that we can now transfer regions,you did stuff up on one MASSIVE PART.
We now are experiencing all this second grade 3year factions that are moving into regions that have only been a year old!
Yes they weren’t any good in the region that they were competing in but once they have transferred into a one year old region they are superior by far.
What a rookie move by a game! What do you expect people that have been grinding for a year to do…
Oh I know!!! Scout and move regions…
Well my faction did that and then the same sh1t happened in the second region.
The amount of people getting turned off this game because of this issue is a massive deal.

Tony out!


And im not talking about the teams that have been perfected over talking about the unlimited refills because you (Scopley) were giving cans out for free at any turn years back.
I have seen a number of inventories and these old players are holding 100/1000 cans.
Do you really think your bs $8 have a few cans is going to make a difference?
Fk the replies, this is just a statement


It wouldn’t have been difficult to code a limit on server transfers based on server age.


They did. There are plenty of new regions closed to inbound transfers.

But the game is three years old, and at some point a region which is not a Day 1 region has to be considered old enough to allow inbound transfers - otherwise your newer regions will leak players to older ones and die.

Therefore you’ll always have to allow OG players into newer regions at some point, whether it is when they are 6, 12, 18 or even 24 months old. And therefore, you’ll always get this bitching.


I mean… 3 year old veterans don’t really mean much once 6*s were released, which is about less than a year ago. In terms of possible team strength, a region that is 1 year old is fine for transfer IMO. It isn’t like we’re talking about 3-6month old regions.


I get what you’re saying and don’t totally disagree. Here’s an example of things not being considered: 3 years ago you could stock pile a lot of raid cans. 1000s, for free. Now you purchase 8 for what 8 US, 4 UK, 10 CAN? Just as an example. Could call it a perk for being first to game, it won’t feel like that to people on a server only a year old cranking out hard earned cash.


I’ve never agreed with you before, so this feels kinda odd, but, ^^^^ this


I completely disagree with this. Having played this game from the start and spent an absolute fortune along the way, the offers today are way better than what we received back in the day. If anything it’s the old timers that are being shafted. There are characters that I spent a fortune pulling that are today being given away. Personally I’m not a hoarder so I generally play hand to mouth with my resources. Those that do though, they have farmed the game hard over 3 years which obviously is an advantage based on time, not the Scopely offers.

Personally, for the sake of the game, I’m not against newer players receiving slightly better offers to help catch up. Otherwise the gulf between the older established players and the new is way too big to be worth trying.


I remember the forum going nuts because certain players got a three star Rick and how unfair that was to other players! There is a slight advantage in that some players MAY have been able to stockpile some cans but they were never given out like candy. We had to grind for every three and four star toon out there and five stars were as rare as hens teeth. The game virtually re-set once the six stars were introduced and the small number of old five stars that have since been converted to six stars also limits the impact of the first two years of the game. The region transfer was completely necessary for so many players and Scopely have been giving some newer players some better offers to offset some of the advantages the OP talks about. Personally I think they have handled this very well.


That’s not what the op said… if you have been playing for three years and getting beat up by top factions, there is no point in canning in war. Thus these players have accumulated a lot of cans.

I remember when we took a player from the second faction once. He had over 300 war cans. We asked him how and he said simple, he never canned against us and got mvp through four hits each time.


There is a reason my faction hasn’t changed regions yet and we were number 1.

I figured this crap would happen.

Luckily most of the rest of the faction felt similar.




Wanna know scopelys’ mistake?
If you are a spender find a low activity region and transfer there (costs 1K coins for a key).
Win a lvl up tournament and you got an ascendable for 1K coins and less effort.
You can stay there and get more characters or move back and forth for more action.


This is the only reason why transfers are in the game. They know they can keep making an extra $15 per person multiple times a year now. because all the factions tired of being second fiddle will keep searching for that region they can dominate and all the ex-number ones will keep moving seeking to reclaim that title.

I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy the dumpster fire that this game has become.


I wonder how much they are reflecting on Telltale’s fate?


Scopley is not hurting for cash as far as I can tell from what I have read about them. Telltale was hemorrhaging cash due to poor sales and poor leadership. So unless everyone decides to stop spending in the game and there is no evidence of that we have nothing to fear for the foreseeable future.

In my opinion, the end of the game will come from players who are just sick and tired of doing the same thing over and over. I know that’s what’s making me lose interest in the game far more than worrying about competition and whales.


Dade is not a year old, it is a very old region. You just had the disadvantage of being a lab rat and joining the game during Scopely’s “Dade” experiment, so you should already know about being at the mercy of higher end players before transfers even occured…

With that said, i’m in Dade myself in a mid level faction and the top 2 factions who transferred aren’t that bad at all, they seem like good people who are encouraging crit sharing and dropping D for raid events. Trust me, things could be much worse


Dang, how did I miss out on all the free stuff they handed out like candy over the past 3 years to vets? I feel cheated. I demand compensation, since I have been given nothing in 3 years. Well except Wendys. :smirk::smirk:


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Here. More recently and relevant. Less inflamatory and it’s not the first time in 3 years things like this have happened just like the beta and so much more. You did get “cheated”.
I retracted that would because it would have spiraled out into: “Well not everyone got to keep their characters.”
“They messed up because they got caught then lied to us about it.”
Not the first time.
“I want to be able to talk to developers again.”
I like a lot of the changes that have been made. I like that we can transfer servers.
Anyway. We solved the problem with power factions that got to keep goodies that gave them a huge advantage that carried over to 6*s and we can do it again.