Scopley reading the Forums

Is it just me or does anybody else picture the Scopley big wigs sitting around a giant monitor reading these forums and laughing hysterically at us all.


While they are counting their fat stacks of cash

Bigwigs can’t get wifi from the yacht

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Satellite Internet

The emphasis was more them being on a luxury yacht far, far away from this sphere lol

I can picture them making a drinking game out of posts and the posters themselves.

5 shots when Kookland comes to the defense.
3 shots when Kodak-Black says FTp4Life.
1 shot everytime the word snowflake comes up.

So on and so forth.


Nope. I can almost guarantee none of the higher-ups have even glanced at the forum.

The only things they read is the profit and loss charts in order to figure out just how big of a bonus they will be making this year.


they are not having 5 shots then since last week and not again if they do not do all the fixes that are going to be promised


Champagne and strippers Everytime someone says they dropped over $1000 on premium pulls and got nada

5 shots! Lol

Ahahahahaha! :rofl: im dead! Wonder what they do when i pop up :rofl:

They take 10 shots every time you roast them,

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3 shots whenever someobe tells veni to get a shirt.

6 whenever slacker thinly veils a troll post.

8 shots whenever hateScop mentions his guns.:joy:


8 shots when a troll closes a great topic by getting :white_flag:ed purposely


Can’t believe meta hasn’t come up or toolkit

кιиgѕ нαѕ’т иσт тιмєтн тσ ¢αяєтн αвσυт ωнαт тнєє ρєαѕαитѕ ѕαуєтн!!! тнσѕє gєитѕ’яє тσσ вυѕу ωιтн ραи¢αкє ραятιєѕ :pancakes: σи тнєιя gσℓ∂ αи∂ ∂ιαмσи∂ єи¢яυѕт’∂ уα¢нт’ѕ :passenger_ship: :rofl::rofl:

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