Scopley Punishment cycle as always

So, I am not sure why people are confused bye the horrible rewards this war. I mean every time Scopley makes a big mistake etc and forums go crazy or mass refunds. They punish us. Let’s just hope. Pc what’s left of them can convince them to add a legacy toon like Maggie that should already be released or Herschel to the musem that at lvl 90 with 500 cakes get a choice box this will at least throw a bone to the FTP crowd


This is funny.


I quite like the rewards. Lower milestones, not bothered if I hit them or not. Gives me more balance between the game and my private life.

And rather than complaining, people should give constructive feedback about what they DO want. “Wasn’t it awesome that time we got a 5* doesn’t help” and neither does any other whining, because if rewards were decent, let’s face it, everyone would just say Scopely were “rewarding the haves, not the have nots”.


So what you said. Is I like the rewards cuz they make me not try hard? Also, if you read I gave a nice constructive fb of what they could do to help the people like you that don’t want to try hard this war cuz of the rewards. However, you are right it was a nice reward by Scopley to give us more family time this weekend since if you are a mild spender or ftp what is the point

There are countless threads and posts on what players want. Nowhere can I recall a post asking the wheel to be taken away.

PC are f*cking useless to Scopely. Hope you now understand this.

The 70 day one had its fair share

Why should a game only be aimed at people who do nothing but play it for hours on end? Why not attract relaxed players too and make the whole thing less intense? And why not have variety in rewards?

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I play hours on end because if you miss a milestone in the F2P business, that’s it. You’re gone. Game over. Done. Kiss success goodbye… so I was glad for the lowered milestone :joy:

The issue is all important items are stretched across every milestone. I’ve heard suggestions of having them upto 1 million, but currently they’d stretch all the things you need across them. They should ensure all the important items are only 0-100k, then have repeating, non essential items past that


Do you think you are being a bit overly dramatic when you say if you miss a milestone it’s game over? Are you using my soon to be patented sarcastic font?

We really need you to invent it quickly lol

While i’m waiting for the algorithm to match us to the only other faction searching for the next half hour, I’ll start working on it. I think focusing on the letters in “scopely can never make an error and put all their players first” would be a good place to start. Just in case… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Oh no, you hurt my feeelings. My reading comprehension is just fine. Perhaps you should work on yours. Here, I will try and help.

You wrote that instead of players complaining about these rewards, perhaps players should give suggestions on to what they want as rewards.

So then my post said there are already countless threads suggesting what players want for rewards (better war wheel, war tokens to be scaled and s class collectibles in milestones). Therefore, one can infer they don’t give a fuck about what we want because it has already been requested and they went in a completely different direction than the first two requests.


Simple fix @Parker put the phone down and then when it’s game over you can walk away like the smart ones have done before you.

This game has reached a new shit level and all they can do is just raise it to even more shittier levels.

I’ll survive :grin:

Most of what I see is complaints without constructive suggestions. “I want a better war wheel.” What does that mean? “I want better toons.” What does that mean? “I want to get an s class.”

And in the same breath: “rewards go to those who spend the money to have the good toons in the first place”. “Too many people have the same toons. There’s no Variety.” Or “The s class i’m getting through grinding is rubbish.”

Scopely is a company out to make money. The best stuff will always go to those who pay. This gets forgotten.

I will say again: whatever is suggested, someone elsewhere will complain about it.

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