Scopley promise All 5* will become Asendable

Did’t scopley promised in past that all 5* will become ‘‘Asendable’’ eventually !!!


all ascendables in the past have been trash bar 2 so I don’t think anyone really cares


I know none of ascendable hve any importance in s.class era but i am Highlighting How scopley Has lied to us.

No they did not, as Ladygeek has shown. Please stop spreading this rumor.


well they kinda did as im sure they did say all 5* will become ascendable but then they started doing like 3 a year lol

What you realy should ask is when will more legacy 6* become s class. 6* toons are totally unusable today (except maybe 3-4)

No they did not.

Can we please stop this?


People interpreted it that way but that’s not actually what they said.

Besides we’ve moved past that now, so why would they waste resources making old toons ascendable?


Can u believe someone words for future if he/she consistently lied to u in the past. Thats why past is importnt lol


Only ones I use to this day is slater, Zander, doc Stevens, green Glenn and magna along with green kal and Eugene for the tank arena.

Out of them 3 are ascendables.

It’s only important if it’s accurate. They didn’t actually lie about that.

If you want to start a thread about how Scopely lie to us at least use relevant examples.

While ascended Legacies would have little use in battle, they might assist in the game economy. 3 months ago I made a thread about it…

Lol the actual quote was lol which is only part of a longer statement… Was…

Eventually we plan to add ascendace to all existing 5-stars, but thats going to take a seriously long time.… End of quote.

The rest is ladygeeks own thoughs saying thats not a promise.

When the move was made for ascendace towers to calm the mob (us) so even by that quote which is a statement of intent look that up folks, it says thats what there going to do but they didnt.

The argument is there to still ascend this toons for collectors and for some that are fan favourites. Kennys, pams and other toons used for road maps.

But as the saying goes scopley will always break a promise and players will always defend them for it.

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No, that wasn’t part of one of the longer statements. It was part of a question and answer session on the old forums when ascendance was first introduced. Someone asked if all 5* were going to made ascendable, and that was the answer. It’s not mentioned at all in Albert’s letter or GR’s letter.

Edit: also, the word they used was they want to. You changed it to plan to. Saying you want to do something is not a promise.

Never said about the letters said about statement at the time of this the announcement. And was knocking you but the way that is displayed above reading like it does.

both these read different. You can see that. Im am unable to get the stuff of the old forums which was part of the reason all old forums stock wasnt transferred when this one was created stops the casting up. Im should if i looked hard enough or asked around for screen shots there about.

That’s the way quotes within quotes appear on these forums. It’s wasn’t an attempt to mislead, it’s a limitation of the software.


Annoooo thats was what i was pointing out, as it reads it can be misleading.

Any legacy toon will be out of its depth in the current meta of s’class but doesn’t mean the development team couldn’t have some fun with it for other parts of the game. A Big disclaimer saying they are what they are. If done right could be fun.

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