With the new platform of discord being introduced, it appears that Scopely will be phasing out the forum… I’m calling it.

While some are raving about discord, there are some obvious negatives and questions raised as I will try to explore in this post.

DISCLAIMER This has nothing to do with line. Also note, in places I may express why have discord, but it appears to be here to stay, so in that case I just want the forum to remain the primary source of information and to still be heard as it’s a vital source and accessible to everyone.

For those who want a short point (cos I know I’m long winded) Check the italic points. For even shorter check the points in bold.

  1. ACCESSIBILITY Not everyone can or want to download an app/forum accessible to all via website link

Not all customer will be able to access discord. The forum is accessible go all and people have a Choice whether they wish to set up an account or not. If they don’t, they can still access information via a website.

In addition not everyone wants to install another app. Now it appears if you want information Scopely are forcing you to.

  1. CENSORS CUSTOMERS VOICES PU or Jonesgate or any gate threads will be a thing of the past/loss of customer voice for positive changes or for issues to be taken seriously. This is because topic specifc posts can take on momentum

The forum and they way it’s constructed actually allows everyoqne’s individual voices to be heard. Customers can create their own topics specifc posts, tagging CMs and developers if relevant and where they can also post pictures too.

Customers can then chose by subject matter, If they wish to communicate, create a discussion.

In discord customers are unable to do this as it just a giant thread, it’s near impossible to be able to get a constant conversation going about 1 subject and it becomes lost.

  1. VISIBILITY OF ISSUES/TOPICS So customers have to scroll entire feedback or event threads to see if feedback has already been brought up or not?

Because of discords set up, it’s hard to actually see what is being brought up and what the continued conversation is about 1 topic.

  1. HARD TO TRACK INFORMATION - Generalised sub rooms, with too many generalised issues makes it harder to track each issue

Previously when someone or Scopely wanted feedback on a specific topic, they would create a thread and people would provide feedback on that topic. Viewing discord, there is general feedback and event feedback, which jumbles all events and all general feedback into 2 long threads. This is off putting.

Before customers could send a link to a relevant topic and share that everyone could access without having to upload or even create an account. Now because of how it’s been set up not only are relevant topic points mixed in with others but you can’t even send a link because customers have to have discord

  1. OFF TOPIC - Main point of feedback turns into conversations about unrelated issues and chat not points

Related to point 4 also, usually with the forms, people in the title can put in and select in categories what the post relates to and customers usually then discuss the point with the initial post explaining the issue. Easy to find and if you wish to find out more information or views just scroll down.

However, there is an occurance where a point is made, then maybe 10 comments later something else is discussed which it’s hard to keep a track of. Then something that maybe should be in armory chat is discussed and it becomes unclear and messy.

  1. POINTLESS DUPLICATION - Forums can do most if not all functions, why have 2 platforms when you have one already that you now have to duplicate information on?

As established, the forum has better accessibility to everyone as in point 1. Information therefore should always be given priority to being shared on the forum 1st and then on other mediums (ideally should be in game but that’s another thread). At the moment information is being prioritised on discord and not on the forum, which is unfortunate.

  1. CAPABILITIES - Polls, Q&As, Important announcement thread closed only, etc

There are alot of tools that the forum has that are under ultised that could partly deliver on the promise of ‘better communication’.

We haven’t had CMs actively creating weekly topics to engage customers in often enough or use polls. There hasn’t been any Q&As where developer’s and other departments could answer specific questions in real time. All this can be done on the forum. It’s not magic or rocket science but it just takes effort to actually do this.

Also things like important announcements like is seen in discord… this also could of been easily done on the forum, just close and reopen the post as done similar with the calendar.

  1. RE- UTILISE THE FORUM AGAIN - Devs, CMs used to actively use the forums, why did it stop?

The forum in times gone by, was utilised by CMs and Devs alike. Before discord customers were still getting issue resolved. Then there was a communication breakdown. Why not re-utilise the forum again as it was used before?

  1. DID ANYONE ASK THE CUSTOMERS? - Scopley promised ‘better communication’, but when did they actually ask customers what that should look like? And did we say discord?

When you see failing in your company or product and you want to make it better, companies generally will survey customers or employees etc on the current state, what should change and ask for feedback. Scopley wanted and reached out to customers advising that they promise to better communication.

But where was the involvement of customers in this? If you really want to have effective change you have gotta get feedback, you have gotta assess suggestions from your customers but to my knowledge this was never done.

It’s not an expectation for Scopely to release data etc, but to actually collect data from customers where there is a failing to deliver better communication to.

If you want to deliver a better product/service/act etc, you ask those who it will affect.

  1. EXCLUSIVITY/CUSTOMERS BEING BANNED FOR SHARING SCREENSHOTS OF DISCORD INFORMATION?! - Why? and why are the post being flagged and removed? This is information customers need to know.

This is a shame because information that helpsthe customer, but which they may not have access to is now being denied to them. Just because someone can’t read does this mean that they don’t have a right to information? Surely Scopely want to promote inclusivity and not exclusivity?

I hope and yes I know it’s long why I did the bold and italic points so people could just read them lol, but I really hope discord is not the end of the forum. I think some customers would embrace it more if it was advised that for forum will always remain for the points I explained and will always be looked at primarily and that information will be shared their primarily there also, but that discord is there to supplement it and to make some information easier for developer to obtain.

@WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron , I hope you guys read take the time to read this. I wouldn’t of been able to do this on discord for a start lol, and when u do, thank you for taking that time as well. :blush:


I rate 10/10 :+1:


I can’t wrap my head around this one. Hiding threads showing screenshots from Discord makes no sense. We wouldn’t have to do that if the devs and mods and CMs actually answered us here. But my post will likely get flagged and hidden and ignored. Because Scopely.


It’s because they want to push us onto discord because of point 2… removing our voices… I would never be able to post something like this and have relevant dialogue in one place in the general feedback section. Never


I agree.

Idk keeping forum as main source of info sounds like too much sense, that’s not how scopely works


Also as a general warning to everyone on forums, do not post screenshots from the blog.
These also get removed and the poster gets penalized.

Speaking from experience.


Well said!! I dislike discord immensely and would much rather get info and voice my opinion right here.


Agree :raised_hand:

Well let’s see if we could get this answered.

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Can we get an updated calendar already? @WalkerTexasRanger

#2, censors customer voices, is the main reason they have made the switch to discord. They are fans of censorship. You know who else are big fans of censorship? Fascist dictatorships. I am literally disgusted by this latest move and if they don’t pull a Scopely and get bored of the new toy (discord) when they find out they can’t control us there either, and especially if they shut down this forum, I will be taking my gaming money elsewhere.


That’s good to know. I guess they are trying to stop players from helping one another. Shame


Totally agree @WakeUp. Nice post.

In addition, a lot of folks love the forums. Hell, there are still people here who don’t play the game as much anymore but still contribute meaningful points to discussions


Are they really doing this ?

Do we need to create our own forums where things cant be removed


The discord already gave me more precise and accessible info than the forum ever did. Digging thru threads just for the lols, in case you might find info is not fun, discord solves that real quick, if done right and they are doing it right so far.

I’d take discord over forums any day of the week. Much smaller footprint and personally I like the communication stream much better. Forums are going by the wayside as apps like Discord, LINE, kick, insert whatever name here Take over. The forms are a very low percentage of actual players in the game and they may be more likely to get players to migrate to an app kind of like the amount of players on the LINE app.

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I think the forums should be the primary source for information. I think everyone has a different perspective of what is considered information/communication. To me, communication is a two way street. I don’t expect every single detail from a CM or dev. I just want to know they hear people and respect their voice.

What was communicated last night with the crashes was great. A simple “hey guys, we are aware of the issue” is all I want. They can’t answer every question and that is the reality however to not say nothing at all is the issue I have. And that my two cents on communication.


The forums should remain the #1 spot for any and all information from Scopely.


Yup lights are on in this place (for now) but nobody’s actually home (unless it’s to moderate you) XFD