Scopley pleass add automatic translators in all chatrooms


Please put language translator in all chats in the game. Its kinda hard to chat and understand what others are saying, and no Im not typing all of that into google translate. Lol


Waste of time and resources that would be better spent fixing what already exists.


would love one in at least guild chat. Don’t care about rest :slight_smile:


UIdk. I’ve learnt some fabulous new phrases you wouldn’t get taught in school through the joy of google translate on cross region chat.

What would be more helpful is a message to the other side in war to say « please just kill us. One/both our generals are awol so we can’t retreat and we aren’t stupid enough to repair. »


This would make the game so much bigger to download… not interested


We can have chat translators… or… we can fix all the problems and annoyances (like territory bugs and people not receiving their 9MM, #9mmForAll)


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