Scopley please we need a black market event to change cards

First let me say congratulations scopley you are doing well lately Indeed you’re.

I know there are some things need to be updated but I can see that needs Time (things like war wheel…)

However I am here for another purpose.
I just want to say many of us as players have too many cards earned during tournaments rewards , pulls or even gifts and we don’t need them for a reason or another.

So I have a suggestion to create an event to allow players change these cards to something else .

Doesn’t have to be another S class toon cards but however there are many things players may change their unneeded cards to

Like medals , trainers , gears ,…

And even if players want to change it to other S class toon you can give away some cards of (let’s say a less wanted S class toons)


Let’s say you need 1k Priya cards to purchase a choice box of 300 AJ , 300 Eugene , 100 storm ,…

Even better you can make a new collection to claim the S class directly through your leftover cards
Ex :
Sheila , or even a brand new toon

This way you close this problem for the next few months at least


I’d take Trader cards👍


That’s why scopley never considering it .
By the way Trader isn’t that OP after all .
He’s good but after I crafted one yellow healing for my Maggie .
Trader defenses become more like a cake for me now as he will never infect any toon .
My Priya love trader / Frost defenses

I am 3k cards short to get Trader but after I see how stupid I was struggling against Trader while he can easily be killed .
I am not going for his S class .

Ever battled a trader+wangfa combo? Especially if they hide behind Mercer and a shield? Then come back and tell me how your maggie helps out. :smiley:

But overall, trader is not so much of a challenge really, if you duel manually and think all moves through like a chess game. While most of my fac mates (who are real beasts on auto) failed to bring down a double trader team in the last war - I could, in 3 attempts out of 4…


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