Scopley please remember there are 4 traits not only 2

Can we get some love for the mêle traits ?
All the good toons especially the attack ones are Ranged
Not to mention that the 5* weapons special effects for strong are trash comparing to those on the other traits .

So please some love for the mêle


Magnified Strikes is underrated as hell

yes all the free toons have pretty much been alert. we need more fasts or strongs.

Green is the red headed step child of rts

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I think you mean not much melee for F2p to get , there is bunch of melee already if not close to be 50/50 melee and range on Sclass. Unfortunately the good melee ones are Pay to get!
The current game is range defense and range attack ,making Yellow characters still relevant but green characters are getting left behind!! I definitely suggest more relevant green characters with substantial active skills,it could be a healer as well.

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