Scopley please release more story missions


Scopley why are you taking so long to release story missions? Are you waiting for season 8 of the show to end to release them?


lol, i cant stop laughing, thank you!!


Okay lol.


I don’t get it.


The show is unrelated and unaffiliated with the game so I don’t see why they would consider waiting for it to finish season 8


There is a new story roadmap every other day. Why does everyone care about the world map so much? There’s the comics and novels if you’re looking for something to read.


Because the world map story is there for a reason, and it hasn’t had another part to it in so long. The roadmap stories don’t give us any choices and are too easy anyways.


And it never will. There is no profit in it, therefore, they will not be allocating any resources towards it. The writing in this game is terrible. Like I said read the books and the comics if you want a story.


If that’s the case they might as well just delete the whole story and forget it ever existed, not much use to it if they aren’t gonna update it.


for one, you would get weapons and other goodies for completing a chapter in story missions. secondly, some people are getting bored of everything else and want more challenges in story missions. third, that coming soon lock has been there since I have started playing, 493 days now.


Like I said they might as well just delete the whole story section. Not many good things you can get from there. An occasional 3 star weapon or person, sometimes 4 star. They might as well just delete it if they are not gonna update it.


I don’t know much of this game but do certain roadmap stories (like Sandy’s Story) explain why some of the original characters have titles relating to the comics? I would like to know Sandy’s involvement in March To War.


A four star weapon on occasion you say? This happened off a med drop lead with no faction help on 13.3, some of us still find the world map valuable…


Two 4* weapons on the same stage at the same time.



Sorry bud, wasn’t meant to rub it in, but there still is chances at good stuff.


Don’t take it too serious.


I don’t, but others in my faction and region do, honestly wish I could trade or gift them certain things.


I went through almost half my natural energy as well as a whole refill before the game decided to bless me with this.

The very imagery of this alone gets at me. All the time wasted for a worn down weapon.


Yeah the some that find it valuable are the some that also get lucky most of the time, you have to have real luck to even think of getting a 4 star weapon from there.