Scopley please create a dislike button because people flag threads for no

reason when they dislike a thread. This ruins other people’s threads and prevents their ideas from getting out there. Please create a dislike button so the flag trolls can stop abusing it. They find it entertaining to sabotage people’s threads. Smh…


Then these people will just downvote every single post you make. Ignore them. I know it can sometimes be hard but you will be better off. Trust me, its not worth the time or energy.

Heres what you do. Wait for 10 minutes then you can edit your own post. Change one thing like deleting a period at the end of a sentence and now its back and people can see it and respond to it.


:wink: that seems like a good idea

Loopholes you got to love them

What if they flag you again, won’t that help the troll give you more flags?


Most of the flagging is likely by Scopely associates, most flagging only occur during California office hours.

The real remedy is for flagging to not be anonymous. Own up to your flagging, or hold your peace.


Doesn’t matter as long as you didn’t actually break the TOS. The first time you post gets enough flags its automated by the system. If they flag the same post a second time it goes to someone at Scopely. Haven’t had to deal with that yet but I am sure if it did and it was innocent nothing would come of it. If you did violate the TOS that’s when you could be banned I would assume. I would also assume that if someone were cyberbullying or stalking you then they could be banned for falsely flagging you as well.

Why you got to give out secrets like this?

Not secrets, just things I learned last weekend regarding flags and such. I believe everyone has the right to free speech as long as it’s not hate speech.

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Not sure who that is but I do like a good debate from time to time :wink:

Gotta keep things entertaining, no?

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Yeah I can agree with that statement, but it was nice to be able to do, I’m sure they’ll disable it the more who know though.
It was a way to kinda know if it was people or Scopely who flagged.
If it was people it usually stayed unflagged after the edit, even if it was just adding a second period, if it was Scopely and they seen it unflagged and clear again it was deleted.

Nothing was as vulgar as some douche flagging some girls post in asking for team building help. Truly despicable

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If it was completely deleted that would have to be Scopes. If you ask them and it was Scopely who flagged it I’m sure they would tell you that and explain why they did it if you request it. If it’s from another user they won’t because flagging is anonymous as far as I am aware.

I remember that. Totaly uncalled for. 100% jerk move.

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No they don’t tell you why a comment is flagged or if it’s them or others, they just send a message saying it’s flagged. They don’t even tell you why a comment or post is deleted . When it’s deleted it doesn’t even give a notice either, like the notice about being flagged. Only way to find out is if you go back through the thread.


A debate about what? I don’t have beef with him. Lol

Lol oh. I see. You didn’t put a nametag my mistake. :grinning: