Scopley please change Franklin before he goes live

Just a little bit change not to much
Just an extra 300% total damage
And a beheading instead of executioner that’s it .

It’s not gonna break the balance or anything.
We already have a promo who do 2400% right now and with a higher attack status.
I think asking for 900% damage over 3 attack is fair enough.
Come on at least make him a little bit worthy after the big disappointment you did last season.


And make his active skill not absolute garbage :joy:


Also add healing to his rush


Totally agree here. Will not decrease their earnings with premium toons if they make a F2P fighter a bit more useful.


Also add just one turn to his active’s penalties since that is actually pitiful

Edit: a one turn increase would allow him to increase his rush damage using his active

Please just make him better, just better please :pensive:

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Even Aaron that’s garbage impair 3

This is guaranteed not to happen. Free toons will always be trash to promote premium toons.
Whenever a useful not this trashy free toon is released it’s done by accident.
Free toons are always designed weaker so we are still looking at the better premium releases.

For sure it’s not! For a f2p Toon nothing is wrong with Aaron. And he already has neuen updated. They are way up more garbage active like his once!

They should atleast make them average

How about Ivanova? Really solid toon - her only fault is being prone to kick the bucket too soon from any red atk…

She’s trash, all she do is focus except that she’s useless, I can name many 6* that still more useful than her

Do you just complain about every free toon added?

I see you in literally every feed about free s-class toons and you have yet to say anything good or productive other than “aDd hEaL oR eLsE iTS WorThlESs”


I use Ivanova as a melee lead for arenas. Helps massively with T2 wins - not that she’d kill many herself, but the focus+atk, not to speak of her lead skill and the 15/35 stun/heal sword are setting up my Aarav/Amber combo for a killing spree better than any other toon in my roster.

Truth hurt?

Butt hurt? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

25% atk to a line OK :joy::sweat_smile:

25% atk to all for 2 turns. Ain’t bad with the focus. I don’t use the active that much (usually against shields I didn’t stun T1), the def down to a line on her rush is even better - guarantees the Aarav kill :wink:

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Iva is bae

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If you’re going to complain, do some research about what you’re gonna complain about.

Iva does 25% atk and focus to the entire team for 2 turns. Effectively making sheilds waste three turns while you can batter the rest of their team