Scopley never repeat this reward structure

I have the worst rng luck. Watch faction mates pull 10k and 5k and I cant get enough for 1 toon. No motivation

Only coasting for milestones. Harper is still a relevant toon. But if you can’t grind for her but only increase your chances from 0.2% to 0.6% wtf

Yeah similar for myself, faction has finished number 1 in events and 4/5th in war and in solo I’m minimum top 50… awful ‘reward’ structure.

Yeah I got lucky on Harper when she was a premier 3 single pulls.


Aye, you guys killed it but I came out with a better prize than probably the majority of both facs

I’ve been going hard this entire event and have been getting more wd tokens than I can count, but still don’t have enough for any of the toons even though I pulled a 5k out of one of my pulls. I guess now top players know what it’s like to be in a lower faction when you can’t get enough items for a single pull.


u get lucky and get a 10k? both mine sucked

10k for Elodie, barely broke 3 mill lol

On top of not getting a character the tokens are the main rewards for events. So if you dont get any characters it’s like you werent getting anything for all the events that had the wd tokens as the main reward. I’ve placed in top 5 in almost all events I’ve done 25 pulls from the wd token wheel and this is what I have so far. Pretty bad that I wont even get the worst character after weeks of actually trying.


Whoever decided on this reward structure could literally be described as the end bell (in a row of bells if you take my meaning)


It’s so bad it’s kinda of funny

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I think I was lucky

They could easily soften the blow of this crap reward structure by popping up collections in the museum for things like - 500 beachballs = 15 legendary ascendance medals or 500 sombreros = 10k mod scraps. Cheap rates for a small amount of useful things we are screaming out for.

Not saying it would be ideal but it would at least give us something to use them on.

(Its not like giving us basic rewards will break the game so, it’s really not asking for much… lol)


There is a roadmap that has popped up twice where you can use the extras. Very overpriced tho.

Cost me 3800 shells to do and netted me one pull on WD wheel. Which gave me 200 shells :roll_eyes:


Roadmap = difficulty for lower players and over priced plus we have enough. Museum collection just save us some time considering how much we have wasted lol


Essentially what they did with the pink cupcakes - they even put those in milestones, which was great. Of course the cupcakes were still RNG unless you went for Sophia or Konrad, but at least it was RNG for stuff that was of some use in game. The roadmap should, at the absolute bare minimum, guarantee a return of a chosen item, not just give you another coin for the slot machine.

Very painful event…

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Some decent amounts compared to me :joy::joy:
Though I did get 10k shells from the raid tournament. But do I need a 4th Ivanova? Nope.

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