Scopley never repeat this reward structure

One of worst reward structures that I remember. You legit can place top 1 every single faction and solo event and not get any characters. Horrible!


This is EXACTLY what needs to change in the game. Multi-week events dominated by RNG which result in making precisely 0 progress for most people.


Yep I’m at like 5k 1500 and 1000 and I’ve done well in events.


It also feels disgusting to get 100 of each, i had 3k of each one until today that i got 5k of the seashells, gross


It’s ok they will put up another roadmap where you can exchange 3000 odd of one thing to then pull 200 of something else you don’t need. It’s faultless…


Yea this is horrible. The level up museum collections at least you could control by winning 1st or whatever. This is literally the worst.

This is also crazy skewed as I have not gotten any sombreros. I already have harper but I think it’s weird I ah net gotten any.


Don’t forget the “lucky” people who pull over 10k of one item, and have nothing to do with the extras for the remainder of the event. Reward structures need to incentivize competition and participation. This does the opposite.


Those people probably add up to 0.0000000002% of the players, if you remove the employees that come on here and post “look what I got”


Horrible, my faction always end event at rank 1 or 2, myself always end solo in top 5 or top 15 and I have nothing, 1000+ road map is a joke :slight_smile:


Effort is not equal reward…

But maybe they want to make it random.
Wait…so why try, again?


Excellent post. Thank you!

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completely agree. this is actually insulting to players who put real effort into these tourneys and get sweet f_all back. I actually fluked one but all my guys who were way above me on the scoresheet weren’t this or nowhere near lucky. posting not to brag but to see how rare that is.


They did this in the past.And Hence forth why I stop trying for 1st in solololol

I agree 100% this rewards where crap. I doubt we will even get Depot points for it when the event ends.

My region saw 2 factions go absolutely mad and score just shy of 300 mill with people who put up 40 mill plus getting 400 sombreros whilst my faction toodled along not caring and I pulled 10k for Elodie.

Whilst I’m personally happy it does highlight how much of an issue the extra unneeded levels of rng are.

No one should be winning fac and solo events to end up potless come the end of the collections


Pure Garbage reward structure. Never ever do this again Scopley. Its total :poop:


100% agree, this is a terrible structure

Placed 1st or top 3 in all faction events and top 15 in most solo events and judging by the level of reward I have had I am not going to get a toon unless my luck changes massively.

However a few members of lower factions who don’t compete much and are not very active have gotten at least 1 toon from this event.

Completely doesn’t work as a “reward” structure

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@JB.Scopely next time if you guy going to repeat this structure again pls add disclaim button :slight_smile:
Zeratul O.G / York Region

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Ive got Ivanova on all three regions I play… so feel like shes pretty easy to get. I agree tho the randomness is just annoying. If you put in the work you should be rewarded

LMFAO :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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