Scopley nerfed can drops

So I’m guessing from the e exploit, Scopley nerfed can drops because I get 1 drop every few wars so I’ve gone from 78 cans to 68. F**kers

Not from my perspective, up 5 this war already.

Same really balenced for me started with 101 warcans and after 115k i still have 101 cans.

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Haha. The faster I lose my war cans, the faster I can retire :grin::grin:


I started with 18 and now I have 2. I don’t care though. Edit: Now I am up to 6

I don’t see the problem though OP, I have less cans than you and was able to make my 100k. You can’t really complain about cans not dropping, if they drop consider yourself lucky, they drop for FREE


Down 7 as of this post. We’ll tally after war for more accurate account. And yes I do use more then 1 in a war lol

It’s all luck. I didn’t stop attacking for the entiretly of my last match and I wound up with more cans than when I started. Other matches I get nothing.

Sitting even just broke 100k.

I’m 2 down but only because my last match was a coin-repair fest. Before that I had enough can drops and was sitting with more than I started with.

I got 3 cans in 3 attacks, dunno what nerf you’re talking about .

Started with 30 cans, scored 300k points so far, down to 29 cans.

This topic comes up every war. Except for those two blitz wars a while back it have been pretty much the same.

Some wars Im down fills, some wars I end up with more, its just a streka of bad luck that will even out.

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yep same when my cans are gone I’m leaving tower ghosting or not Don’t care lol

Started with 16 cans. Bought 10 more. Ended war with 1 refill after scoring 400k. Gotta make due.

Scopely nerfed can drops and stun while attacking … both green and red great work scopely smh

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Anyone think it’s a good idea ascend barker since I have fodder ?? Thinking he might be of little use against blue michonne

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I got a can drop ever third fight! I have more than I started with :s

Worth a try. Huge AP bonus when attacking and critical bonus for fast characters. Probably trigger a turn 2 rush for more than 1 toon. I would add a command as well and wreck em.

Started with 39 cans, down to 4. They were 100% nerfed

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