Scopley needs serious help


How the heck do you’s determine how crw are matched up??? I mean why is it that our not even 1 year old region gets matched up with a region thats more then 2 years old… You guys seriously suck at proper matchmaking. I am pretty sure their must be at least 25 regions or more who are closer in age then the ones you matched us up with. I mean its kinda hard to hit milestones when you can barely even hit anyone. Lets not forget that not only are they more then 2x our age but we keep getting matched with the top 1-5 factions when we can barely compete with the 10-20th ranked factions.

The point of this is to let you know how incompetent you are with the matchmaking of crw. I am beyond sick of the complete incompetence with pretty much every facet of your game and specifically cross region war matchups.


Yea i hear that the last 2 cross region wars before this one werent much better. First we had the cheating/hackers from coosa, followed by another region 2x our age. If scopleys plan was too suck all the fun out of crw for me and my region. Then they have certainly accomplished that.

Here have been our matchups the last few hours. #1,#5,#4,#2,#3,#6,#1,#3,#4,#6,#12,#1.

I mean the matchup against rank #12 we barely won and we keep getting the top 6 ranked factions and getting slaughtered. I mean nothing is more fun then queing for 30-40 mins so as general or not i can be downed in under 3 mins… I am running an s5 team so i am hardly a bitch but with 2+ years of crafting weapons over our 9 months makes a HUGE difference.


Team rating isn’t important, team cohesion is.


Oh i agree but my team setup isnt the problem. Its more the fact that with 2+ years of using armory they have the majority if not their full team with all crit weapons. I have stun on shivas claws and thats it for any crit weapons (minus a few reflect dmg)

Its kinda hard to compete with that when i have had 60% less time and opportunity to craft weapons.


Active skills


Exactly the point i was making to a tee, glad its not just me who understands this. The biggest factor comes down to weapons. Probably 50% of teams are the same. Most being carl/mirabelle leads but of my team is the same as the next guys but i constantly get slaughtered it comes down to weapons and towers.

I mean some of these teams even when having towers are unbeatable just because of the weapon advantage alone.

This is probably half the reason so many people use vk now. They’re sick and tired of getting slaughtered by older regions whom have been around long enough to abuse the countless armory glitches theyve had over time.

There was a time when i frowned upon such behaviour but with scopleys complete incompetence with proper matchmaking i totally get why people have gone that route. In all honesty i am contemplating it myself because this is b#&%$hit.