Scopley, more dual specialist 6*

As we all know 6* are pretty much (useless) now except a few ones .
So why not do some event like the last one of michone .
They wouldn’t break (your balance ) scopley and they wouldn’t give any advantages to f2p over p2w

And more importantly it will be fun

Here’s an example of a dual specialist I have in mind

Tenacity/life steal
The dual 6* status lvl 90
Att 1400 def 2000 hp 2000
Rush 66ap
Deals 3 attaque of 150% damage to one enemy, this character gets +50 crit for 2 turns and recover from all penalties

Active skill
This character gets impair and defense down block for 4 turns
Initial cooldown turn 1
Cooldown 4 turns
Number of use 3

Collection items : 12
10 red flags
Jesus Road to survival #3

I dont know , le me here what you have in mind for some dual specialist.

Like vitality/ overheal , wastenot / deca### , guardian 2 / disarmament , …

with that rush and active skill No thanks sepcially no more 6* its waste of time and efferts

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You can’t see how good is that rush ?

Pointless it isn’t S-Class plus there has been one recently

A decap-follow up would be lit but to op

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