Scopley Mercer drfenses are all over the servers

And it’s Ridiculous,
I mean wtf scopley.
It’s time to give a f2p toons to stop this madness defenses where it’s sll based on RNG . If you extremely lucky you will survive if not your fuc### up in 1 turn .

So I suggest a yellow toon . I will call it Kenny

KENNY S class
Trait yellow
Status lvl 30 with rings
Att 4000
Def 3400
Hp 2900
Leader skill : All yellow and red team mates get +20% att and a Very large bonus to ap when attacking. All team mates get 75% stun resist for the first 3 turns of each wave

AR : 66 fast
Disarm and -50% defense for 2 turns to one enemy and all enemies adjacent to it , all team mates recover from bleed and impair

AS : initial turn 1
This character get focus for 2 turns and get 40% ap
Number of use 1
Cool down 0

Come on scopley it’s really something you need to do like really fast , the game is so boring .


75% for a 6* for the S-Class 100%

Technically there is a F2P counter to Mercer. It’s Mercer, himself. Stun each other :smiley:

Counter Mercer with mercer, these type of defenses are becoming more easy by the days due to rosita/shiva/frost remplacing priyas etc… I can handle them without mercer

Got to spend a lot to get them 3 thou😔

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You just didn’t get it didn’t you, I am not posting this cause I don’t have Mercer. But cause it’s Really annoying seeing the same defense 24/7

And using the same attaque team over and over

You would think that with my smiley face, I’d assume people know I’m joking about the situation.

But real talk, everyone using Mercer is a problem because it brings back PTSD of RNG weapons from the 5* era. Stun resist lead is something I’ve proposed in the past, although I’d expect them to milk Mercer for a while before releasing another toon that they can milk the whales with.

I have 75% stun resist on Aarav. And he is probably stunned like 1/3 time, sometimes more. So that leadership skill is still prone to much to RNG which is :poop:

Are ppl still going on for p2w and f2p ?
All s class is in the museum and for every1 to grabb. you can get mercer cards for free (war and mission) and frost will be in there 2 soon

but you will get it faster if you pay but its not a most to pay to get them so every1 is f2p

And once everyone has him that’s all it will be, Mercer defence, Mercer attacks to counter, total yawn fest, and those who don’t get him will just stop playing.
Not like the game really has anywhere near the players or excitement it once did anyway.

It’s boring seeing the same defense s 24 seven so give everybody the same character so the game still looks the same? Logic…

If people say the issue is they dont like all defenses looking the same with mercer lead, then maybe the solution is another leader toon. Its about time scopely comes out with a melee or red/yellow leader in the same mold as mercer. I would like confuse to all turn 1.

Its also good they came out with bide and payback sclass. It was high time. This gives variety to defense team conposition. Again, if the issue is facing the same boring defenses everytime then this is also helping.

Another toon to have more defense team variety is a good sclass command with revive or perhaps a zach-like AR

Those would all be nice to have as options for a def team.

In all about S class Kenny,

But you have this one way to mich of a support char and literely a direct counter to him.

You just don’t get it don’t you , no one will use that toon much after everyone starts to change their defenses.
Personally I don’t have a big problem with Mercer defenses but I just don’t like the RNG , it’s not about skill now it’s about RNG