Scopley making F2P payers quit


every step scopley taking to make sure F2p players to quit this game…
1st… farmable gears map
2nd… free coins videos
3rd… limit the rewards for only one region

am sure they is much more points i am missing.


Gear map is farmable on Thursdays. Limited coins to one region has been in effect for ages. Plus with the league’s u can get coins


I’m F2p and i’m not quit :wink:


u will soon… it is just matter of time my frd


yeh really 600 coins great… with these ods u really think these coins will make any difference wow then keep surviving


I’m F2P and not quit, still watching videos for getting more coin + stay active to get more coin and other stuff from league


Dude, you know the paying players have accounts ranging from 3 to 10 regions. If those guys got coins in all the region’s you have any clue how bad the game will get… the non payers will be worse off than the paying ones


OMFG… serious… 600 gold.

do you have already do 2 , 3 , 4 and more big pull on one caracters ?
Comme on…


oh no the world is ending


paying players already getting everything this will help f2p player to get some good promo.


Still not quit.


I know you’re right in scopely traits f2p like their bi**** , but I don’t think giving the league coins in each region is a right idea.
That’s my opinion


Farmable is a stretch. It’s more like RNGable and we know just how sweet scopley rng is (that is where the game knows exactly what you need so it gives you the items you have the most of instead).

We went from once a month where we could get the necessary items as needed to four times a week guaranteed to two guaranteed a week with rng crates. Not an improvement.


Funny how now scopely giving coins ppl are moaning saying it’s not enough! How many vids do u need to watch to get that?


I never run out of gear. Now with depo and gearmap!


The leagues store will be even better but remember it takes 18 of an item to take a 5-star to t3 6-star. Gear can go very quickly if your working on let’s say two hunters.

That’s 9 weeks of farming per toon if rng does not go your way excluding the stores and rewards. That’s ridiculous.


So you’re crying because u dont get unlimited coins from videos now? When others have to buy them. Do everyone a favor and quit then


Yea but the game is not suppose to be easy! It’s a game and in games u have to grind


perhaps stop trying to coin farm for free crap others pay for?


I don’t mind getting the toons but please realise that each 6* needs 18 aidens etc to max there ar/active skills, and the flow of these is ridiculous,I have 8 waiting on these with 5 needing GPs canteens,you acquire a new toon and wait months before u can use them,I’m still using same team for last 2 months, now when I get a new toon all I think of is it will be ready sometime 2019.