Scopley Make "All Out War" Great Again!


War is extremely boring!! Constantly warring with the same 2 or 3 factions (which are whale factions). I can’t even hit milestones so like what’s the point of warring now? I’m only helping the whales score. I’m done with war until it gets revamped bc it’s no longer fun with that being said its not worth my time and efforts to compete in that event. It’s irritating facing the same teams i just auto most battles now, no point in even strategies. Since I’m lose anyways! And as slow as scopley is releasing these ascendables its not gonna matter bc all the spenders will still be able to purchase and ascend each character as they are released so i don’t see this issue getting better anytime soon for that same reason. Release the characters so we can mix things up and have some fun


Only strategy here is hoping you’re more lucky then the other guy


Tell me about it, And with all these damn stun weapons and confuse characters = A sitting duck


We should be able to have more than 1 group at a time to ensure we are not continuously warring with the same players even if u are facing the same faction. This will at least help offset whale gameplay. Which will make the game enjoyable to us who like to compete and not just pay to win.


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