Scopley Logical thinking


“We’re running out of toons.”

Debuts a new 6* toon every week

“We’ll take it to the team. We’re doing the best we can to make the game fun for everyone.”

Refuses to add more story missions, new content, old ascendable 5*s, puts out prolonged events with horrible rewards, weekly solo level ups to drain resources, puts out ridiculous offers nobody wants, and makes players wait half a year to implement their ideas.

“We promise to put more 5* toons as event rewards to help as ascendable fodder.”

Puts useless 4 and 5* gear and tokens as rewards instead.

“We will never have players pay for a 6*.”

Adds a chance to automatically win a 6* version in the premier recruit wheel

This is Scopley’s way of thinking and getting money from players. Adam Wei is the guy in the middle.


You forgot the promise of a weekly gear map offering multiple tiers of gear. You know the promise that resulted in fewer gear maps and ZERO Ultimate gear maps since they made it.