Scopley lack of support

Just thought I’d share this with the community. My faction leaders account was hacked 4 days ago and there was some random player playing his account. My factionmate has provided Scopley with every bit of information they have asked for and all he has gotten back is cookie cutter responses and lies. They have told him everything is fixed and he should be able get his game back. The hacker is still in control of his game. We got lucky as a Faction because an hour ago the hacker gave another person leader in our Faction and left the region.

I’m sure nobody here is surprised of Scopley’s lack of support but I thought I would just share.

I’m sure this post will be taken down quickly because it shines a bad light on Scopley.


Unfortunately support is useless and as of now so is forums because they are all on holiday hope it all works out tho


Id like to meet said person.

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I am actually the one whos account got hi-jacked. Scopely support is an endless loop of auto-generated responses. I cant get anywhere… Its been almost 5 days now. Meanwhile, some guy is raping my account.


@JB.Scopely - this one needs you, don’t let this guy deal with the sh!tshow that is support any longer

You may want us to use the support portal but for actual issues that require more than a cookie cutter response they are beyond useless. It would help if they understood what was being asked of them, something I know you are aware of from our conversations about my own dealings with support

I just want to feel like im talking to an real person. A person that actually reads my reply.


That’s absolutely terrible. I really hope this gets straightened out man. I was hacked last year, and they did nothing. I got lucky though and got it back. I hope this happens for you, as well.

Support really needs to help this guy!!!

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That sucks I hope they can get this figured out. 99.9999% of the time support is useless. Ik whenever I ask for help all they do is tell me to come to the forum and then the forum tells me to go there. 🤦 it’s a never ending frustration cycle.
Keep surviving.

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Support is awful on this game every other game I played got back to me quickly and refunded or fixed any problems and I plays lots of games.They even argued with me when I had proof lol.

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Any news? One of my faction mates had the same problem… support says that are solved but he still couldn’t get his account back…

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Bumpity bump, fox needs help :fox_face:

I lost my account and asked for support, and all goes well, i got it back and no further issues, well i just say my case

I am still waiting to get my account back. It has been 7 days. They got it back for me and it lasted about an hour. Now it is crashing and when it comes back up Im on someone elses account. It has switched to 6 different accounts in the last hour and half. One of those accounts had 41k coins and ton of premier toons. Different account Id every time. Either something is going on with their servers or someone is in them jacking with accounts

To hack your account wouldn’t they have to have your email linked to fb, and pw? Or acct code?.. Sounds highly suspect…

not my account. Their server.

ive changed my facebook and google play passwords

explain to me how I have had access to at least 10 other peoples accounts

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Damn fox, really hope this gets sorted properly

Its pretty frustrating. support bot is getting old

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