Scopley in case you didn't know. Territories are f*** up

So we all know how scopley took our trainers and replace them with 2* . However those 2* are too powerful that even with a full S class team you can’t kick them out of territories .
Thank you scopley thank you very much for f*****
So now one faction have crit territories forever (or until scopley fix the bug wich can take forever)
One thing to say thank scopley.
Thank you very much.
I just can’t figure out what the heck the 7 days of beta was for ?
If the update go live with bugs .
This ain’t logic for me is it for you ?


cant the other fac remove that team?


I was thinking the same thing. Haven’t run into these type of teams but our region is pretty good at coalescing and figuring out problems.

Had the same problem in my region, you have to remove the team from the territory. It will go to walkers but that’s the only fixed to it right now.

Yes , when I start play with humans probably it will work .
Sorry but currently I am playing with animals exploiting scopley’s gates .


send out High PePe with an AK and those S Class/2 stars wont see it coming.


I liked it more when you were calling forth the powers of Keenny… Lobbying for Pepe to become a new S-class is a bit far-fetched :smiley:


What I noticed is, since yesterday my teams (no trainer teams) are still stuck in territories though it’s occupied by another faction and they beat my teams. Can remove them once timer is done. So, no biggie at all.

Well, scope sucks.

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Yet another bug on territory Alexandria. No opponent. And get kicked of game. All theese updates. And they cant fix a 2+ year old bug. Jebus

The invisible enemy is a trainer team, which is invalid in new game, but possible in old game. Scopely (for reasons unknown and unfathomable to reasoning mortals) decided to put the game in a limbo state between those two…

If your region is fair, ask the defending faction to remove the defense and establish another rule of “no trainers in territories”

Btw, what is the town screenshot supposed to show? And what is the 2yrs old bug? (I mean, which one of the many neglected “fearures” you’re getting at?)

Town picture was a mistake. Should have been another picture. 2+ years is the bug i seen several times. Atacking territoryes and then got thrown of game. Thanks for your answer. I try to communicate with the faction at GC.

The restart to load screen is deffo old 2 years and at least 2 months, since I encountered it since I started playing. Noticed that it was nearly fixed almist half a year ago, though… now getting restarted like maybe once in a month and even in such cases my atk counts and I get to win the territory.

Encountered it 3 days ago. Maybe im just unlucky lol

They’ve definitely done something to fix it because up until a few months ago it used to happen daily, if not several times a day. I guess maybe there are other things that can make it kick you out occasionally. Territories have always been temperamental!

Its been days and the problem still on and no word from scopely on this :angry:

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