Scopley I don't want war tokens, I want war it self

First let me say thanks for the free pull .
I don’t want to sound like the bad guy here , but I really don’t want a f*** 1000 tokens . to get a Jeremiah , I want war it self
Doesn’t matter if I get 1.5k or 500 tokens as war rewards , cause it’s the same thing

I can understand that this may help some players (the free 1k tokens) it was a nice thing you did there , and I already said thanks
And I do understand you need time to maintain your game
All I want to say , please bring back war as fast as possible
And please we need a AOW or Blitz war once in a while to fight against factions in my server
CRW is good , but one AOW in a month won’t be that bad

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Well I wouldn’t have gotten a pull off this wheel without thses free coins so I’m grateful lol.


We’re actually getting 2 wars back to back week next, so we get 1 free pull and still the same # of wars regardless.

I am too , I just don’t think too much in tokens as I think of the entertainment war gives

U mean welfare not ur thing?? They just can’t win!!! Lol I agree tho gimme blitz and u owe us these tokens for the last 17 trashy holiday events and a summer of hell

Well I desperately needed war tokens and a free legendary, I had only 3 6s, now I’ve 4 :slight_smile: fast 6 yumiko


1000 tokens is like 10 wars for me, so I call this profit lol


tbh im happy with the tokens

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I would prefer more weekday blitz. I would only wait to see wars once a month. I like to enjoy my weekends and I’m sure a lot of other people would to.

I agree. I get most of my milestones from war so will now end up short of 25k because I can’t really make it up through raiding. 1,000 war tokens was an awesome gesture, but there should be an alternative way to get my league points. Some free arena tickets or raid cans maybe?

Yeah I think you are in the small minority that loves to soak thier whole weekend away tapping a screen. No effort for twice my regular tokens should happen every war. Wars lost very much flavor in the last few months and now I get to enjoy my long weekend not worrying about having to show up :slight_smile:

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