Scopley how about fixing yellow Gov first

Yes , at first it looks like the Gov works just fine cause you can’t see your yellow gov in def against other teams .

  • the cause
    However the gove cause one action each two turns if you have a command toon in your defense team . Wish I can’t afford.

  • How ?
    When gov rush he get 100% ap , the command gave him an extra action to rush again . And this is the problem.
    The second gov rush doesn’t have any effect. And of course he wouldn’t take action next turn .

  • solution
    Actually there are many different ways to solve this problem. I can say one is that the gov doesn’t get the 100% immediately but in the start of his next turn .
    I know this may cause another problem with toon who gives bonus ap . Cause you don’t want a toon who will get 100% to get bonus ap from other toon . So I suggest this modification to gov Ar

  • Rush 76 ap

One enemy and all enemies adjacent to it get 30% slow for one turn . This character gets impair for 1 turn and 100% ap at the beginning of their next turn .

But he is working as intended.

He gets 100% AP at the start of the wave, and then has to rush to generate that 100% AP again.

The only way round this would be to change his weapon to grant 100% AP every turn, and remove the 100% AP from his rush. But that would make him that little bit harder for those of us using AP down weapons/mods/skills to stop his rush cycle.

They can disarm him ,lol

He is a woeful toon. I gave him a decent chance, but he is terrible, and that was before Sclass. If his rush applied some bleed, nothing major, something like 200 each toon, he would be more useful, but as is he isn’t even a bench warmer. Get someone else on that def.

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