Scopley how about a 0 energy Road map?

Yes . It’s been a real long time since we’ve had one
And I think it’s about time

Here is some suggestion about the Road map that we really need:

1- the map should drop museum item collection for s class toons .
We don’t need them to drop at 100% of the time , but 40-60 should be enough. With an amount of 1-10 max

2- the map should gives some xp , not as the last one where we had a 0 energy map that gives 0 xp

3- 1* gears & survivors: not too much if it gives like 6-10 survivors and 4-8 1* gears wich we really need right now

4- the map should be appear once in 2 weeks max

That’s all have a nice day .


Man I used to love the 0 energy road maps👍


No thanks. While they are quite nice they are easily exploitable by people who can use macros. People cheesed the crap outta the last one because it took forever to get anything normally.


with the horriable experiance Last time where hardly anyone was able to claim anything So , NO THANKS

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Instead of new roadmaps, maybe Scopely can fix whatever problem someone brings up every couple minutes

I wonder if you can use tokens on an zero energy map. If so, that would be a way to burn through several thousand runs without spending time…

Good way for Scopes to catch cheats and remove then, Win win🤷🏼‍♂️

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You could get all type of energy cans, plenty of survivors, shirts & gloves. This was beneficial for everybody not only f2s players. Not sure why you even still playing when you constantly complain how much this game sucks. Either you have no life aside of this or this all is the real world for you.

Hmmmmm, yes - yes I, I think I like this idea, for a start players must have 10s of 1000s, of bronze tokens just sitting around doing nothing but clogging up the server, it would be a good way to get rid of these and turn them into something that actually gets used. Just Saying…

Except they cant even catch the blatant ones without player assistance. Something like macros are a little harder to detect. Well not really you would think but for them it is way beyond thier abilities

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i play or leave this game is not your F***king business,

Hahahahaha. :joy:

Never saw one of these

Would be good if they just dropped lower end gear like shirts and gloves

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