Scopley here is your way out of the mess you made

Exactly , now you get it .

Show proof or share your drugs. They are obviously good one

Unfortunately I am a 100% f2p , so I can show you nothing , but I can give you the number of my dealer .
He have some serious :poop: just enjoy the moment
And soon you will get what I was talking about .
With priya and upcoming s class toons bide and payback are officially dead .

All of these toons are worthless against the new meta. And that will be defined by buffed S-Class toons with full veteran level.

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All toons are worthless then besides S class ones…

Yep, update was worth while for less than 24 hours and before it was even released is dead.


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Ricky. Hmmm I spent over 250 usd trying to get Morgan when he was on the wheels. I spent 150 and magna via gravy michonne was a luck wheel I spun a lot and got her. I guess I do not see how this is a ftp team. Please explain how you got magna and Morgan without spending money.

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