Scopley here is your way out of the mess you made

We all know the update coming next week will change nothing , cause all the toons in the list are completely worthless against current meta except Camila (maybe)

So let’s analys the problems to find a solution
1- Bide and bayback specialist are the major problem in this game , the solution is very simple
Just release 7* toons as fast as possible and make them at 5k damage , 6k health , 6k defense
So they can take down payback only with normal attacks and can survive the bide after the reflect damage

2- tournaments time and rewards :
Like the last war wheel
Are you serious !
We should have the war wheel updated each 2 months , and it should contains only promos with less than 6 months old
Tournaments time is way toooooo long especially lvl up

3- the over power AR and active skills : just give f2p toons that have a similar active/AR that’s your only way to balance the game

4 - the f2p defense team : as we all know scopley doesn’t include any good defense toons in the list ?
Do you know why ?
So their big spenders doesn’t notice anything change , since the other f2p attack teams wouldn’t be able to passe their defenses

So we better see some good f2p defense toon soon .

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This is a ridiculous post.


This just isn’t correct at all. Camilla, Morgan, Ajax, michonne, Tobin and martinez are all 100% meta relevant

It may not go far enough to #closethegap but it’s certainly a worthwhile start even if the hard work will be undone as soon as arena mode is live


Yes I know

They will always be criticised if they keep making these pathetic offers.


Don’t worry, Priya gonna kill the meta next week


As a ftp, my offense wins almost all the time in war but my defense is just utter trash

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Yea. Morgan is complete trash. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


7 turns? Cmon bro gotta be faster then that. Seriously though blue morgan is a toon i would love to have and a complete game changer from what i seen.

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Lol I’m way faster. I was just trying to use f2p toons. I can three turn that team. Most of the times it’s four though.

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Let’s face it some people wont be happy unless you hand them Raven Zach Doc Mia etc. And even more players you could give them all the toons and they would still wouldnt be able to beat people because they dont know how to use them.


Blue magna is ftp??

Well I don’t have Ajax… and he’s way more valuable against the Mia’s than Magna is. Só to my point, if you get lucky on this wheel, you can have Morgan, ajax, michonne and the other two are f2p.

They have given Magna away on event wheels in the past that’s why I have 2 of her

Ahhh, that’s why I have zero of her then.

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Not entirely true. Impair is still good against Mia. I mean yeah I guess. You mentioned every character you can get from the wheel but that’s gotta be like… 200 pulls? More? Dunno how reasonable it will be to assume most people will be lucky enough to grab all those “relatively” soon.

Better than no chance at all at those toons which is what we had before.

Agreed. I’m not denying it’s long overdue and needed AND they put some good characters in there. The expectations or showing how those teams can beat whale teams is just a bit misleading.

The impair is only good on turn two. Then if you kill her on turn three, impair doesn’t stop her AS. So yea, I would rather take the Ajax stun.

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I see way more anti stun mods especially on Mia over anti impair.