Scopley. Eat a Snickers and put some rules in place

I did some research and asked people in the know.
(think this information is easily obtainable)

Spending in game is the lowest it’s ever been.
So there not pulling in asmuch money from the game they used too…not even half.
It’s like there hanging the game out to die.

I’ve had multiple members leave game, 1 nuked his account…
A once healthy faction is now on edge of crumbling.
And we are in talks with moving regions even though I’m not sure it will solve anything.

The snickers thing was adverts that were in UK but banned in States.
Eat a Snikers and get some Nutz with Mr T but deemed sexist.
Want Scopley to show some bottle and sort this mess out.

@JB.Scopely Please Try to get Scopley to sort this game out.

Got auto flagged

If ur survivors club u can habe unlimited number so that wohold the work

That is why I said they would need to fix that on survivors club.

It’s almost like you didn’t read what I said before you tried to say the opposite of what I said for fun.

Yes they would need to remove that unlimited perk for wars, raids etc…
Or there would be no point using that system again.

If only Scopley would tighten the reigns.
You give players the opportunity to run 4-5 revives and have successful defence teams they will take it.
And they will complain when you take that option away…but it will improve the game and will improve the fun…and will keep people playing.
Give players cheats they will cheat…give them a weapon that can do 10k damage they will use it.
But it will ruin the game for them and the players there using it against.

I remember when I cheated on Monster Hunter on the PSP half way through the game.
Made the cat do massive damage so I could beat any monster in seconds…after a hour messing around getting parts and armour I never played it again…

Players need protecting from themselves.

Also as far as money goes…who’s going to buy more revives with all the options we have now?
If you add limits then other toons like tanks, healers, etc…will make you more money.
Overall more profits.

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Scopley please give 2 shits and read this…then put some sort of plan in place…

That’s a celebration to be had. Leonidas would be proud.

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