Scopley. Eat a Snickers and put some rules in place

You’ve made previous dreadful times in this games history like multiple Andrea teams and double Priyas look like diamonds compared to the massive shit stain we are having to deal with now.
The games become a complete joke.
Most defence teams have become 5 revives and we aren’t even talking about whales.

Then you put towers that just scream for everyone to stick Dante or Eric Lead with multiple revives and/or shields.
I have to lower my defence for most teams to get there win that they deserve in decent time.
I’ve spent a lot on this game and in the interest of playing in a healthy game I wouldn’t mind less options like abusing skills and revives…limiting my OP choices in team build to something more thought out.
(Very near Prestige 13 and 2 shields and around 7-8 revives)

Oh and maybe while your sorting your game out…maybe make towers - certain type/colour all decap when Attacking…this would help tons. Thanks.


sadly…but scopely be like…


The problem would be solved if they regraded and re-costed their toons. Like would properly play like more often than currently happens when matching opponents (the same would happen in raids too) and revives and shields should have such a high cost that you could only put one or two in. They would have to take unlimited cost off survivors club to do that, but seeing how there are lots of things most people would prefer, it shoyldn’t be too difficult…


Looks like they are working on it, since survival club offers unlimited team cost if I’m not mistaken


I’d be curious what teams makeups would look like if you were limited to a variation of 1 generalist, 1 tank, 1 damage, 1 medical, 1 support in your set up or made the leader a wildcard and can be any one of those but you can only have 1 of the rest

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Agreed, this war is an even larger sh*t show than normal. The revive loop, double and triple shield teams have sucked pretty much any enjoyment out.

Something really needs to be done, but I know it wont. I like the ideas about upping the cost of characters so you have to make some interesting choices about team make up.


I would be open to experimenting with setups like this in war occasionally but it shouldn’t be a permanent fixture

Upping the team cost for revives is a good solution and should be easy enough to implement, but it is Scopely so yeah.

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Nothing beats the priya days.
That bullshit costed me so many raids and war battles.

At least if rng was crap priya teams could still be lost or beaten in 30 seconds. Now it takes minutes for every team basically

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Is snickers slang for shit?

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And they have completely messed up AR. Round 2 AR going off without toons being touched, no AP gain weapons or leads. Just random fricked up AR going off.

The game is so unbalanced its a crime at this point is prefer they sunset it and overhaul it completely, making walking dead rts: the sequel.

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Much higher cost are u smoking crack they already cost an arm and a leg to get

Yes and while they are at it, they should use some of the money they’ve scammed and siphoned out of the players to attend some Morals and Ethics classes.

After reading the title of this thread all I can think about is this classic from Seinfeld,


Oh an fyi they don’t do suggestions. Especially ones that would curb spending.

So you know the drill…keep surviving!

As long as _______ keep spending to fill the empty ______ in their life, nothing will change.

He’s obviously just saved me thousands on some sort of psychology as to why i feel the need to spend on shiny pixels.

More money for me to spend on shiny pixels!


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They would fix the issues if everyone just took a month off and no spending. No play make them think. You know what maybe ppl are trying to send a message. But of course that won’t happen.

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No I mean cost in the team. Like the 130 tag cap. So if they cost like 90 tag thingies you could only put one in your team.