Scopley doesn't believe in Holliday

WTF . Really nothing at all.
Just take a look at other games .
Here’s some examples from only one game I am not gonna name it

1 - free energy for 48h
2- a special weapons (like the highest lvl weapons you can get )
3 - enough items to do a 45 pulls in a wheel for the promo toons
4- world map drops Gold ,a pretty good amount comparing to normal days

And more , every 1 or two hours a free offer pop up and trust me all free pffer are worth 4-100 $ in normal days

Hmmm interesting… What the game name if I may ask?

If you would really care about these holidays you would spend your free time with your family or do some meaningful stuff, and not bitch about a fücking mobile game which doesn’t give you free stuff. :partying_face:

We got this great offer :slight_smile: :smiley:


You would think they would show some appreciation during the season of giving.
But those greedy fuks only know how to take.
Oh here you can buy an outdated toon for 10 bucks.
And merry fuk’n Christmas.


They do. They really appriciate us giving them money. Where is the problem?
*drops sarcasm * out-


Yippee ki yay mothertruckers


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Awwww. Were you actually expecting something from THIS game? You must be new here. :confused:


Asking way to much of this greedy shit show.
They’d stab their own mother for your money.

They might put up the ghosts of scumply past, present and future up in offers , with a 101% chance of them turning up and ripping you off.
I’m sure there are plenty who would pull for that offer.

Man, I pointed this out days ago with a list of games that are giving free stuff. Enjoy those games. And when you go to spend on twd rts remember the wonderful Xmas presents they gave you. Bahahaha! Screenshot_2019-12-24-14-45-19-1

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