Scopley doesn’t care

Look at the war rewards. 16 regions fighting, only 16 factions will get a guaranteed war pull. What is the incentive for lower factions to war? This would have been a great way to show the promises are real and coming.

They could have made a much larger pool get a war pull and given more gear to the top 15.

Players first, right?


Wait… The prize bands got worse?!? After months of legitimate complaints about them and then #playersunited, Scopely literally did the EXACT opposite of what the playerbase was asking for??? Can’t log on atm to see for myself, but it definitely sounds that way by the way you’ve described it.


Nope, they don’t care at all and never will. Why some people have a hard time accepting that is beyond me. Is what it is at this point


Wait but as I was told about other in game content

"If every player can complete it, then it isnt end game content.

If there is no end game content, players arent challenged.

If players arent challenged, theres less reason to engage.

The purpose of game content is to engage players. Engaged players are more likely to keep playing. Playing means more likely to spend. More likely to spend means more earning potential. More earning potential means success."

Wouldn’t this include war and would this not just mean you just need to get good?




You need more than 1 war for a pull if you score lower, same as it’s been before when it was 100 tokens to pull.

Well premiere pulls being apart of faction weekly missions says all I need to know.


This game is being sunset. It’s sad because I’ve made friends here, but the developers just don’t care about this game anymore. Profit margins are everything and we’re asking them to do “too much”


I haven’t been able to pull from the war wheel yet since its been up, still need 300. Scopely simply doesn’t give a shit about its players


Scopely does care, they care about that :moneybag: and :pancakes: lol


Yep. I have 2 $100 offers and a 6500 coin offer JUST FOR ME!! Foh

Quit hogging them I need to buy sandwiches for mediocre character

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We can barter

Scopely proved they don’t give a fck by temporarily removing players yesterday for using a 3rd party service and not giving them the permaban they always has done previously

Lots of those 24 hour removals (not all I’m sure but certainly more than a few) where for using a way to make any character drop without pulling and scopely temporarily removed people and sent them in game message. There are several ss of said message floating around

Since when has that been a temp removal? @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

Nice double standard. Anyone would think a nuked customer is a non paying one

E2A. Forum filter sucks.


wtf are you serious??

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can you show this please

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They look fake! Since when has scopely inboxed personalised messages? It would have come in terms of support if that was the case.

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Sure kook, give me a few mins

(removed at request of sources - Pm me for ss)
@kookland @Bossbitch @Plagueis

3 different sources, same message and i agree @Bossbitch i thought it was a fake as well at first, then i asked around a little more.

Its legit. It happened and it blows. Only plus side is those doing this lost the unfairly gained cards.

Even had a full run down on how it was done but won’t post here for want of not wanting more people doing it


i do not belive these are true the quality is very bad but the good one is mixing languages and that is strange here and the font used for these is well known at this point but i just ask how you know it is legit and if you are saying the thing that some how others know your exact device id then that is just crazy talk now no offense here just wanting to know

whatever kook bud, i know who i trust and who i don’t

Upto you what to you believe or want to

just sharing the info i saw, could be cleared and clarified in seconds by @JB.Scopely