Scopley do not troll the beta reigions please


Offering a 5* as roadmap reward and making stages easy up. To da last point
When this monstrosity appers

It’s just trolly :frowning:
Now wyatt will have a Nickname known as
Welp guess no hospital Rick for me
Now I’d you do potentially offer 5* from roadmaps
Don’t troll is like this again or I will just cri for eternity :frowning:


I just started on beta and need toons, then the last stage happened. Scopley we can’t test your game if we dont have toons to do so. @kalishane


Luckily on my other beta acount

Looks like old meta Andrea leader and a few vials with someone’s mira bewbs the pesky team was defeated


Are all waves like the 1st one? If it’s only the 1st one I could make grenades


Yes they are. Made it to the third one but didn’t have a healer so I was down to three and died there.


Darn. So definitely no Rick for me


Was this nightmare mode reward or some random roadmap for you guys?


Random roadmap


Eu realmente preciso de mais toons em região beta, não consigo fazer o roteiro @kalishane @Shawn.Scopely