Scopley change the AI to promote payback

I notice that since payback came out and the AI change when attacking with auto your green character attack the red toon even if there is a yellow toon other the opponent team especially when they gonna rush​:thought_balloon::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Did you just figure this out?

I know the AI change but didn’t know they change it for the promotion of payback…cause it’s pointless to have green attacking red when there is yellow there as well

Really would like Michelle to stop going after Negan with her second shot every time when there are THREE other targets alive :rage::triumph: :neutral_face:


I believe they set it this way so payback can always be trigger

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To go with AI change, about 6-7/10 battles, all toons attack my disarm first. Once disarm is down, they all attack my decap or my revive.

Trait advantage is ignored, I can face any trait mix defense, have an all strong team, and they still attack disarm only turn 1 and 2. Frustrating to say the least when supposedly they fixed AI to not target only 1 toon at a time.

They did this because of payback

They probably did change it for payback, one things certain, they definitely made quiet changes to the auto attack AI. Used to be toons would almost always target the weakest trait. Now I have red hitting blues even when there’s 2 green targets. Would understand if all focused attack on one like they do on def AI, but they spread out attacks seemingly at random. RNG?

Another thing I’ve noticed, not really an AI issue, but curious if anyone else has seen it, if i rush with Dwight and his first hit is someone with a stun on def weapon, it seems he gets stunned every single time, preventing his 2nd hit. Can’t remember the last time it didn’t happen. For ex, red Garrett on SR…stuns Dwight all the time if he rushes.

When fighting a team with random revive my team never revives a revive with most the team down but fighting a def team it does it every time whole team back.
Like you say its magic on double hit ar how I hit the pay back or bide toon every time but there def can miss it every time even confused lol.
The a.i was only for whale def teams because of 2 turn f2p teams but it crossed over to the rest of thd game. So we’re all fecked.


This totally happens. Even when the other two are blue.

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The AI typically attacks the toon it will do most damage to. There may be toons with a trait disadvantage more than negan but people tend to keep negans defense low… Not to mention negan boosts everyone def but him

Brooooo its the worse i tested her ar a few times vs negan on pure range teams … 3 blues to use her 2nd hit on … I targeted the 4th card a red and what happens she hits the only other red bypassing the 3 blues … Such bull.shit

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Or any toon with double attack, especially Bruce since he’s green. But I just kinda don’t give a shit anymore. Every war keeps getting more and more boring

Right??? And an enemy Tobin will always hit my Alice as his 2nd target, 1st being my shield :face_with_raised_eyebrow: If only things worked like that on attack. Let’s not forget Dwight, the absolute POS that he is, who will always attack Negan with his 2 part rush even if the whole enemy team is full of reds. It got so bad I had to take the double att gun off him. Bruce does the same thing! Ignores yellows/ any other toon and goes straight for Negan 2nd. Frustrating af

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Oh my god. This! I have 2 revives on one my teams and they never revive each other. But watch how enemy revives always revive each other in a never ending loop.

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